Executive & Administrative Assistant Competencies

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Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Our Star-Performing Administrative Competencies Assessment will help you identify and measure key behaviors, attitudes, attributes, and values to ensure you’re a stand-out performer that gets noticed, advances, and experiences future success.

One of Office Dynamics International’s key strengths is defining administrative competencies necessary to be successful in the present and future. We have spent decades on extensive research as to the skills, attitudes, behaviors, and strategies that are necessary to excel in the administrative profession.

Joan Burge has more than 50 years’ experience in the administrative profession and training. The Office Dynamics International’s team regularly conducts research and communicates with Human Resources professionals, Training and Development professionals, managers, executives, and all levels of administrative professionals and incorporates their findings into Joan’s hands-on experience to define administrative star-performing competencies.

Our competency model, entitled The Star Approach™, provides a big picture visual of the foundational competencies and the advanced competencies. A stellar-performing assistant must continually maintain excellent foundational skills while developing and fine-tuning areas for current and future success.

Some people think that competencies for assistants are industry-based, but the foundational success skills are universal. An outstanding assistant will perform well in any industry, any size business, with any executive. It is the idea of mastering a skill, attitude, and behavioral set for administrative business success. Building on that base, industry-specific competencies may then be added.


Star-Performing Executive Administrative Professional Competency Model

This rich combination of attitude, skill, teamwork, and strategy leads to performance excellence and career success.
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
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