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Elevate Your Career with These Must-Have Administrative Resources

Free Training Resources FOR ASSISTANTS

As an administrative professional, you’re always looking for ways to improve and grow. That’s why we’re excited to offer a wealth of free educational resources at your fingertips. From in-depth video tutorials to expert-led webinars and beyond, we’ve got everything you need to stay up-to-date and succeed in your career. So why wait? Dive into our free resources now and discover all the knowledge and inspiration you need!


Free educational webinars for administrative professionals.

Monday Motivators

Weekly motivational
email from Joan Burge.


Career enhancing, skill developing blogs straight to your inbox.

Educational Videos

More than 60 FREE educational videos for administrative professionals, presented by administrative expert Joan Burge!

Assistant Exchange Group

An administrative assistant forum for developing efficiencies, approaching problems, difficult tasks, and situations.


Career enhancing articles written by Joan Burge. Learn up to date information related to your career as an administrative professional.

Administrative Assistant Giveaways

Check this page frequently to see what giveaway we have going on. Giveaways range from small gifts to free conference seats and training !

Administrative Competencies Assessment

Our competency model, entitled The Star Approach™, provides a big picture visual of the foundational and advanced competencies.

Executive Support Effectiveness Assessment

This 5-page assessment is a measurement tool designed to see how well you complement business objectives and executive support.

Training and development is essential for administrative professionals to remain competitive and progress in their careers. It enables them to learn new skills and knowledge, enhance their performance and efficiency, and adjust to evolving technologies and industry changes. Training and development can also increase employee morale and engagement, demonstrating their professional development is valued and supported. Moreover, investing in training and development can enhance employee retention and attract top talent to an organization. In short, investing in training and development benefits both the individual administrative professional and the company overall.

Looking For More? Check out our success store

Success Store

Ready to take your administrative career to new heights? Our Success Store is your one-stop shop for all the training and resources you need to succeed! From in-depth courses and programs to helpful eBooks and webinars, we've got everything you need to keep learning and growing. So why wait? Explore our Success Store now and start reaching for the stars!

"It’s refreshing to have these resources available to help support staff excel. When reading Ms. Burge’s books, it feels like she is talking to me! I discovered Office Dynamics this past year, and refer to your Website regularly to maintain my professionalism and help keep a positive attitude."

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