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Online Assistant Certification Courses and Programs

NEW! Elite Assistant Certification

Dive into an immersive, one-day certification journey designed for executive assistants aiming to elevate their professional status to “elite.” The Elite Assistant Certification is a concentrated blend of hands-on training and practical application. This certification is not just an educational course; it’s an experience, co-created and facilitated by Lisa Olsen and Peggy Vasquez, who bring over 40 years of combined expertise in the executive support field. Their extensive experience ensures that participants receive not only the foundational skills necessary for their roles but also insights into cutting-edge techniques and strategies.

This certification is tailored to the modern professional, integrating time-tested methods with the latest in professional development to ensure that attendees are equipped to stand out in their field.

Executive Support Series™

Our Executive Support Series™ consists of 16 modules that teach you the skills and nuances that will transform you into the successful partner you want to be and that executives yearn to have! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just joined the profession or are a seasoned vet: This Series is designed to be impactful no matter how many years you have under your belt. You will walk away with a solid game plan and the know-how to implement it.

Learn more and download our free Executive Support Effectiveness Assessment to see how you measure up when it comes to complementing business objectives and supporting your executive.

World Class Assistant™ Virtual

The World Class Assistant™ online certification course is methodical and assistant-centered in approach. Its original in-person learning format has been transformed virtually. Its robust curriculum umbrellas the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques of project management certifications, communication courses, and emotional intelligence to develop assistants as strategic partners who lead alongside the people they support.

Unlike other online certificate courses, graduates will also receive their designation. There is no need to re-certify because our criteria involve in-class skill practice and demonstration. Plus, World Class Assistant™ is a curriculum-based designation.

Star Achievement Series™ Virtual

Imagine all the knowledge and real-world application techniques from leadership and business management courses rolled into one philosophy-based program and designed specifically for administrative assistants. The Star Achievement Series® Virtual provides session-based training and teaches advanced business concepts and strategies to lead organizations in growth initiatives.

Obtaining the Star Achievement Series® Certificate and CEAP (Certified Executive Administrative Professional) designation has helped many executive assistants reach the pinnacle of their careers.

Office Dynamics Curriculum-Based Designation Courses for Assistants

Download Our Designation Courses Comparison Chart

This chart will assist you in comparing all three Office Dynamics Designations. CEAP, CWCA, and CESP.

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