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Discover our extensive webinar training library, explore our online program options, and select the right virtual executive assistant series for you.

At Office Dynamics, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive training and resources for administrative professionals. Our online training options include a wide variety of webinars covering essential topics such as time management, communication skills, and leadership development. We also offer a range of online courses and program series specifically designed for executive assistants and administrative assistants. Whether you are just starting out in your career or looking to take your skills to the next level, we have the resources to help you succeed.

60–Minute Webinars for Administrative Assistants

These free administrative assistant webinars are held every month by Joan Burge and occasionally feature other industry rockstars as guest speakers. They are insight-driven and centered around soft-skill development, skill-set expansions, real-workplace situations, common assistant frustrations, and cultivating strong business partnerships in the workplace. Sign-up for an upcoming webinar or get replay links for past webinars.

Micro-Webinars for Administrative Assistants

In just 30-minutes, you can absorb a timely career-catapulting topic on strategy, managing, communication, and people skills. With 14 different micro-webinars to choose from, watch one or all at your leisure.

Survival Tactics Micro-Learning Series

This micro-learning series for administrative assistants covers the mental attitude needed to thrive under the demands of today’s high-priority, high expectation workplace. Get insightful and palatable information through 6 developmental topics broken down in 30-minute increments.

Online Learning for Administrative Assistants

Webinars, Ebooks, Conference On Demand, and Online Courses

Our largest collection of web-based learning resources for assistants. Receive the benefits of online training, actionable plans for career development, and how-tos for improved work-flow efficiencies in an energetic and enthusiastic fashion. This isn’t your typical professional development experience! Discover the conveniences that thousands of assistants in the profession have benefited from.

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