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Unparalleled Training for Administrative and Executive Assistants

Imagine what it would be like if your organization could increase their executives’ and managers’ productivity by 30% or more?

Star Achievement Series - Administrative Certification and Designation Course

The Solution: Star Achievement Series

Introducing the Second Generation Star Achievement Series® – the ultimate administrative training course for the new era workplace is now available! Created to address the changing attitudes of employees and leaders alike, this course is a game changer applicable to every industry.

Building on the incredible success of the original Star Achievement Series®, which had been updated 16 times over its 32-year history, the Second Generation is deeper, more intimate, and more robust than ever before.

But don’t just take our word for it – existing Star Achievement Series® clients are raving about the Second Generation. Some describe it as sophisticated, with fresh perspectives that take their learning to a whole new level. Others praise its strategic approach and its ability to go deep into the most important issues facing today’s workforce.

The Second Generation combines timeless principles from the original series with new, leading-edge thinking, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. This course offers . . .

Brand new workbook content

that will generate top-level performance through robust topics such as working in a world of uncertainty.

Individual and team assessments

to efficiently pinpoint strengths and areas for growth.

Proven strategies

that help employees excel in any work environment (full-time in-office, remote, virtual, or hybrid).

Deep dive learning activities

providing rich, engaging learner experiences and case studies that encourage participants to delve into and explore new concepts.

Focused flow and contemporary styling

encourage learners to engage easily with the material and deep dive into learning objectives.

The Star Achievement Series® is a philosophy-based, career-specific training program for administrative and executive assistants, secretaries, and administrative support staff. Star Achievement teaches assistants a way of thinking. . . being. . . and performing to elicit success.

The Star Achievement Series® was the brainchild of Joan Burge, founder and CEO of Office Dynamics, who used her renowned expertise on workplace effectiveness and administrative excellence to develop a course that is simply beyond compare. Her 50 years of experience in the field adds tremendous value and credibility to the program, assuring buy-in from participants. Her unique experience working as an administrative assistant and as an executive has given her incredible insight that enables administrative professionals to shift their thinking and attitudes.

The Star Achievement Series® training program has a proven track record since 1990, with 16 updates since its inception, leading to its demand in Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nationwide Insurance, Walt Disney World, Humana, and Cisco. 

The Magic Formula

It is the unique combination of four components that make the Star Achievement program powerful and life-changing.


Achieving and sustaining a positive attitude about your employer, your co-workers, your clients, and yourself.


Developing new and enhancing current intangible skills that are vital to workplace success.


Being a part of and contributing to various team relationships, both internal and external to the organization.


Setting goals and cultivating enriching relationships to actualize your professional self.

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Our Star-Performing Administrative Competencies Assessment will help you identify and measure key behaviors, attitudes, attributes, and values to ensure you’re a stand-out performer that gets noticed, advances, and experiences future success.

Participants walk away
from Star Achievement Series with:

Long-term behavioral changes.

Considerably elevated standard of performance.

More self-confidence.

Comprehension of work from an executive’s perspective.

A more proactive, self-starting attitude.

An integration of the organization’s big-picture view into work style.

Enhanced communication abilities.

Increased individual productivity and effectiveness.

Decreased stress levels and increased personal job satisfaction.

The ability to anticipate and meet the demands of today’s changing workplace.

New critical and strategic thinking skills.

Renewed excitement about the administrative profession.

Improved collaborative skills and enhanced business strategies.

Star Achievement as a Succession Planning Tool

Just as organizations have succession plans for upcoming managers who will someday fill the senior level positions, they should have a similar plan in place for senior level executive assistant positions. High-powered executives need talented, well-qualified, trained executive and administrative assistants. Star Achievement ensures your emerging administrative professionals will be ready to fill those openings and possess the advanced skills necessary to do the job well.

How Star Achievement Series Works

The Star Achievement Series® format is progressive in nature. Each Level builds upon the skills and concepts taught in the previous Level. Level I must be completed before advancing to Level II and so on. The modules build precepts and teach concepts that are strongly interwoven.

Star Achievement is a holistic, encompassing whole-person response to the “silo” of modern life. Star Achievement shows how to put the many confusing puzzle pieces together to achieve balance, success, great results, good attitude, leadership, and good ethics and values as participants learn how to make a choice to embrace the Star philosophy. 


Level I will provide a rich, holistic overview to build and shape a strong foundation. Concepts and precepts are introduced in layers, with strategic thinking philosophies overlaid onto tasks, attitudes, values, and work ethics. A heavy emphasis is placed on confidence building, growth, communication and conflict resolution, with specific tools and steps so that participants can successfully navigate through office politics, downturns, personal fears and avoidance of growth initiatives.
Module 1: Be A Star Achiever™ (Attitude)
More Info
Module 2: Star-Achieving Techniques™ (Skill)
More Info
Module 3: Building A Star Partnership™ (Teamwork)
More Info
Module 4: Reaching Stardom™ (Strategy)
More Info


Level II builds and advances maturing competencies with emphasis on self-management, goal attainment (delayed gratification and self-discipline) and executing a plan for the development of lifelong growth patterns. Additional skill sets are introduced, and a higher level of leadership is taught so that participants are taken higher, into what it really means to become someone’s “right hand,” a trusted ambassador, a stellar communicator, and a “Radar-like” administrative professional who anticipates, is proactive and always presents a professional image to his or her best advantage.
Module 1: Be A Shining Star™ (Attitude)
More Info
Module 2: Give A Stellar Performance™ (Skill)
More Info
Module 3: Stellar Collaborator™ (Teamwork)
More Info
Module 4: Future-Focused Star Performer™ (Strategy)
More Info


Level III prepares assistants for their future, whether they stay in the profession or move in another direction. A different approach is employed with Level III. This level expands on the critical thinking competencies covered in the previous Levels by providing an in-depth exploration of those concepts and introduces new business competencies. Level III graduates demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and their ability to implement and utilize them.

Participants must graduate from Levels I & II prior to attending Level III.

Module 1: Star-Achieving Attitude™ (Attitude)
More Info
Module 2: Be A Stellar Ambassador™ (Skill)
More Info
Module 3: Coaching A Star Team™ (Teamwork)
More Info
Module 4: Mastering A Stellar Career™ (Strategy)
More Info

BONUS: CBS (Certified Business Skills) Designation

After a participant completes Level III, they will have the opportunity to add a CBS Designation to their CEAP designation (CEAP-CBS) thus demonstrating they have developed key business skills. This designation represents the pinnacle of the Star’s journey. When a participant receives this designation, they will find themselves amongst distinguished company.

The Star Achievement Difference

In 1990, when Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics, Joan Burge, developed the Star Achievement Series®, there were simply no other options available for companies who wanted to train and elevate their administrative team. Today, options may seem plentiful, but the Star Achievement Series® still stands as the only solution for serious businesses.

How is Star Achievement Series different?


The Star Philosophy is woven throughout each module. When participants understand and embrace the philosophy, they use it long after the training is over – benefiting themselves and your business.


With a 30+ proven track record that’s been evaluated by thousands of assistants, training and development directors, human resource experts, managers, and high-level executives, the Star Achievement Series® has stood the test of time.


This is a competency-driven curriculum written from Joan’s personal experiences and ongoing research.

Designed specifically for administrative staff and other support professionals:

The Star Achievement Series® audience has always been administrative professionals. That has allowed it to lead the profession through shifts and transformations because the target audience has never changed.

Well beyond traditional, “basic skills” training”:

The goal of the Series is to prepare administrative and support staff for real-world, modern office challenges.

High-energy curriculum and interactive sessions:

The Star Achievement Series® focuses on innovative methods of teaching – including role-playing, presentations, exercises, timed activities, puzzle assembly, value auction, group discussions, and more. Attendees remain engaged and energized throughout the series.

Corporate training options

Is your company looking to train its administrative team?
Star Achievement Series is a great solution and has been taught in many fortune 500 companies.


Elect to bring Star Achievement Series® creator and master trainer, Joan Burge, Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics International, or one of our highly-qualified trainers to your office.


Elect to have Star Achievement Series® creator and master trainer, Joan Burge, Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics International, train your administrative staff virtually.

Train The Trainer

Get trained by Joan Burge, and obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools to conduct dynamic administrative training sessions for your organization. This can be done virtually or in-person.

Star Achievement is

Timeless, Proven, Strategic, Progressive, Modern, Thorough, Robust and Fun!

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Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

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FAQ & Help

While some of the module topics listed may sound similar to programs you’ve previously conducted, it is important to remember that these topics are combined to be most effective when implemented cumulatively. The information presented in each module builds upon the previous module’s content, growing in complexity as the series progresses.

While your administrative and support staff may participate in continuing
education programs, the training is often not designed to meet their specific needs.
For example, management training programs are often only slightly adapted for support-staff purposes. While skills like communication may be taught to both managers and administrative staff alike, the specific application to their respective daily job functions are vastly different. Therefore, the training must be custom in order to effect real change.

Yes! We have carefully adapted the renowned Star program into a virtual platform.  While we firmly believe that this course is most effective when conducted in-person, we recognized the need to continue to provide top-tier education regardless of whether your administrative staff is in the office or working from home. The virtual edition of Star still packs a punch and provides the same transformational experience attendees have come to expect.

The length of time to complete a Level or the entire Series depends on the organization and their timeline. Some organizations choose to have their staff complete the program in a short amount of time while others spread the classes out over several months. Joan Burge will help you determine what is best for your organization.

The levels do not correlate to the number of years someone has been in the profession. The levels relate to concepts and philosophies taught in Star Achievement, similar to college courses. “In more than 35 years in the business world, I have found that experience doesn’t necessarily equate to success in a given profession. Star Achievement Series® attendees working in the administrative field for more than 30 years have told me they still learned something new in Level I.” – Joan Burge

Healthcare companies, accounting firms, law firms and other businesses have used the Star Achievement Series® for their paralegals, corporate library support staff, mailroom staff, office and department managers, human resource staff, and every position in between. They have all benefited from the Star Achievement concepts and techniques.

The Series focuses on innovative methods of teaching, including interactive role-playing, presentations, exercises, timed activities, team competitions, case studies, brainstorming, modeling, demonstrations, and more. These exercises are energizing, challenging and fun.

  • Proven classroom techniques specifically designed for the Star Achievement Series®
  • How to weave the Star Philosophy throughout all your sessions
  • Joan Burge’s secrets for keeping attendees motivated, even at 2:00 p.m.
  • Effective use of the participant workbooks, additional resources and workbook companion pages located on the Office Dynamics website
  • The typical questions asked by attendees and appropriate responses
  • Maximize your message with effective props, training aids and visuals, all specifically designed for this Series
  • Experience the same learning exercises as your participants will when you facilitate class
  • Ideas for planning a stellar celebration for those employees who complete an entire Level of learning
  • Marketing tips, sample documents and communications for internal Star program announcements
  • Ways to customize the material so it aligns with your organization’s mission, vision and values
  • Fully scripted Instructor Guide
  • Pre-class preparation checklists
  • Time agendas
  • 4 participant workbooks (for facilitator’s reference) for each Level
  • PowerPoint slides and video clips
  • Masters for training props
  • Suggested books, products, and more to complement the Series
  • Supplier contacts for training aids and materials
  • Access to private online support portal for Certified Trainers
  • Example communications for announcing the Series to your organization
  • Professionally designed flier to market the program
  • Digital artwork to print posters for in-person classes
  • Digital artwork of the Star Achievement logo to add to in-house course materials

To gain the most benefit of the Star Achievement Series, we highly recommend your company offers all three Levels as the program progressively gets more difficult and builds over 40 interpersonal and soft skills necessary for business success.


At minimum, we recommend teaching Levels I and II. If your organization wants to be able to offer a certification/designation to their assistants, they will have to teach Level I and II.

Every organization is different. Some Office Dynamics Star Achievement clients like to use the CEAP achievement for succession planning; others feel it demonstrates an assistant’s commitment to his or her career.

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