Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Second Edition

Executive & Assistants Working in Partnership Guide

Elevate Your Game: Supercharge Your Executive-Assistant Partnership

Introducing the transformative 2nd Edition (pub. 2024) of the “Executives and Assistants Working in Partnership Guide,” authored by the esteemed Joan Burge. Building on the success of its predecessor, this edition expands beyond best practices to explore the nuanced dynamics essential for peak executive-assistant partnership performance.

This Guide illuminates the overlooked challenges that hinder productivity and success, offering strategies to overcome these barriers. With a keen focus on the modern workplace’s shift towards remote and hybrid models, this guide adapts to current and future working environments, making it a vital resource for executives and assistants striving for excellence in collaboration.

Executives & Assistants Working In Partnership: The Definitive Guide to Success

A Practical Resource for Executives and Assistants

A practical resource that works like a self-guided, self-paced coaching program with Joan Burge, the world’s leading expert on administrative effectiveness. Includes:

Self-Guided, Self-Paced

Works like a self-guided, self-paced coaching program with Joan Burge, the world’s leading expert on administrative and executive effectiveness.

30+ Years of Best Practices

Best practices consolidated over 30+ years of research and coaching 300+ Executive and Assistant partnerships.

Solutions for Common Challenges

Comprehensive and flexible solutions for addressing the most common challenges facing Executives and Assistants.

Specific Conversation Points

Specific “conversation points” facilitate open communication between Executives and Assistants, helping you to create your own unique partnership with clearly defined operating procedures.

Time-Tested Solutions

Time-tested solutions that work in any professional environment and industry.

Proprietary Assessments

Proprietary assessments to help you better understand the nature of the partnership and your key areas for improvement.

“Through Joan’s guidance and working closely with me and my executive assistant, I increased my productivity by 25%. Because of Joan’s broad and deep experience from working on both sides of the desk, she has a true understanding of each party’s perspectives and expectations.”
David S. Forrester
President, Forrester Construction Company

"In the dance of executive and assistant partnerships, success is not led by one but choreographed by both. Together, they turn strategy into symphony."

People + Process = Success

This 100-page Guide is based on a simple equation that illustrates the two most critical elements in any partnership: the synergy between people and processes. It emphasizes that optimal performance and outcomes are achieved not just through individual excellence, but through the harmonious integration of human interaction and operational efficiency.

Part One (People)

Open the channels of communication, clarify expectations, and build alignment, fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding.

Part Two (Processes)

Establish standardized processes and tactical procedures to get the job done, ensuring consistency and quality in every task undertaken.
“The guide is comprehensive and gives the Assistant great direction on the ‘how to.’ I enjoyed how Joan got down to the nitty gritty in her special message to Assistants. So much of what Assistants should do to improve the way they support their Executive cannot be realized due to the everyday demands of the job, but Joan reminds us that there is more to our jobs than just taking orders."
Paula S.
Executive Assistant, Disney Parks & Resorts Digital


Mastering Business Travel Planning eBook

Invest in your partnership today and you’ll receive Joan Burge’s Mastering Business Travel Planning (Downloadable PDF)—Tools to minimize stress in the pre-travel planning process.

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants
Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Second Edition

Executive & Assistants Working in Partnership Guide

Pair With The Executive’s Competitive Edge for the Ultimate Synergy

The Executive's Competitive Edge Book for Executives

Get your executive on board with learning how to leverage your time and talents with The Executive’s Competitive Edge: Why You Need to Leverage the Talents & Time of an Executive Assistant. Crafted for the visionary leaders of today—executives, managers, and entrepreneurs—this book by Joan Burge and James Bristow, PhD, initiates a crucial dialogue on the necessity of an executive assistant. Joan and James candidly speak to leaders on how to leverage their assistant’s capabilities, create a dynamic strategic partnership, refine their delegation skills, and foster a growth-oriented mindset for their assistant.
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About the Author

Training for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Joan Burge is widely considered the pioneer of administrative training and development. A former Executive Assistant herself, Joan experienced the life of a high-level support professional for over 20 years. While she excelled in the role, she watched many of her peers struggle and began to wonder what separated the star performers from the rest of the herd. At the same time, Executives didn’t adequately know how to utilize their support staff, nor did they have the resources to learn how to maximize the time and talents of their staff.

In response to this realization, Joan launched Office Dynamics, an internationally recognized training organization focused on bridging the education gap for Administrative Professionals and Executives. With over four decades of experience on both sides of the desk, Joan possesses a uniquely balanced point of view. She knows the challenges facing Executives and Assistants because she helps solve them every day. She has personally coached more than 300+ teams, helping them increase productivity by 25% or more.

“Joan’s framework for addressing the quality of the interactions was the culmination of years of experience in being an Executive Assistant and then providing consulting and coaching to Executive Assistants in some of the more prominent companies in the country.”
James P. Hackett
Former President & CEO, Steelcase

"Behind every successful executive is an assistant who masters the art of turning chaos into order, challenges into opportunities, and visions into realities."

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