Become An Inner Circle Assistant

The newly-released 2nd Edition of the best-selling book Become An Inner Circle Assistant addresses the many nuances of the post-pandemic workplace, providing tips for working remotely, virtual assisting, and thriving in a hybrid work environment.


The newly-released 2nd Edition (Aug. 2022) of the best-selling book Become An Inner Circle Assistant (1st Edition) addresses the many nuances of the post-pandemic workplace, providing tips for working remotely, virtual assisting, and thriving in a hybrid work environment. The 2nd Edition contains timeless principles and concepts that never change while addressing the skills and attitudes assistants need to meet today’s world with confidence, resilience, and expertise. The author, Joan Burge, points out how to shift techniques based on if you are working in an office, a remote location, or from home and if you are communicating in person or via camera.

Burge brings more than 40 years of experience in the administrative field and administrative training industry, speaking from both sides of the desk: assistant and executive. Burge describes being an Inner Circle as an exclusive group of people whose achievements are admired and rewarded. The Inner Circle Assistant title doesn’t appear on any organizational chart, but she’s the woman or the man of the hour. The people who support company movers and shakers have the opportunity to move into an Inner Circle, and this book outlines the steps to get there as well as thrive in the position.

Become an Inner Circle Assistant is a book of strategy and workplace philosophy that helps administrative professionals become top performers in work and in their careers. This book is filled with road maps for success, scoring quizzes, real-life stories, and examples.

You Will Learn:

  • To be a star in your profession
  • Cultivate your tolerance for change
  • Positive steps that minimize administrative stress
  • Choose to take risks
  • Delegating vs. dumping
  • Unlocking your internal dragon
  • Become process-oriented as opposed to task-oriented
  • Anticipate your manager’s needs
  • Confront problems with your manager head on
  • Turn failure into success
  • Graciously accept criticism
  • Build rapport when a communication crisis occurs
  • Choose when to assert yourself
  • Get emotions under control
  • And much, much more!

CAUTION! The Chapter headings may look simple, but the information behind them is deep and multifaceted.

Chapter Include:

  • Section I: A New Way of Looking at the Profession
  • Section II: Some Things Never Change
  • Section III: Digging Deeper
  • Appointment Coordination
  • Manager Support
  • Managing Office Technology
  • Meeting Preparation, Coordination, and Execution
  • Office Communication
  • Office Organization
  • Problem Solving
  • Professional Behavior & Image
  • Professional Development
  • Supporting Multiple Managers
  • Task & Project Management
  • Time Management

A Must-Read for Administrative Professionals “This book is an absolutely valuable and current resource for all administrative professionals. As an administrative professional for over 20 years, I endorse the book’s message that our job is critical in the workplace and is worth talking about. It’s not another “how to climb the corporate ladder” book–instead, the author puts in writing ways we can use the administrative and people skills we have developed over years of job experiences in our field to help us expand our positions, become partners with our executive, and become a more visible and important player on our company’s management team. Joan Burge provides an in-depth discussion of twelve key competencies and other personal attributes that are important to our success. Even the seasoned professional will gain additional insight and strategies and benefit from the “hands-on” tips, quizzes, and activities in this book. Joan’s confidence in and passion about administrative professionals shines through each page and encourages the reader to be a star and pave their way to Inner Circle status. I earmarked and highlighted concepts and ideas in the book that are meaningful to me and I keep my copy in my top desk drawer for easy reference. I highly recommend this book to career administrative professionals everywhere!” – Lisa Assetta

Concrete Help For Administrative Professionals “I can only reiterate everything good that has been said so far. This is a MUST read. I have over 25 years’ experience as an assistant to business owners and executives, yet my copy is dog-eared, highlighted, and just about worn out after one year. Anyone who invests in this book, acts upon what’s inside, and tends to their career with diligence, will probably be very grateful to Joan Burge within a year. Every time I apply something I’ve learned in this book, I find that my leader seems to make my life a little easier. It’s been a total blessing.” – Jeri Jenson

Solid Ideas That Work “Joan’s book is a valuable tool to assist you. It can help you define your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, and help you expand your expertise. Joan has the knowledge, professionalism, and background to provide valuable tools and solid ideas that work and will help you to be the best. Her book is easy to read and filled with useful information that can (and should) be used in today’s world.” – Sue Horn

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