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Elevate your career with our specialized course, Digital Efficiency for Administrative Excellence. Tailored for administrative professionals, this comprehensive program covers essential digital skills, from mastering Microsoft Office tools to navigating AI technologies. Register today and become an indispensable tech-savvy asset in your workplace.


In an increasingly digital work landscape, staying ahead means mastering the right tech skills. Our course, Digital Efficiency for Administrative Excellence, is custom-designed for executive and administrative assistants who aim to be more tech-savvy, time-efficient, and indispensable in the workplace.

Session Overviews and What You Will Learn

Get Control! of Email and Outlook

Do you feel overloaded with e-communication and infoglut? Do you struggle to organize and manage multiple Outlook calendars and inboxes? Great news! We have packed this class with time-saving Outlook and time-management tips to help every administrative professional save time, lower stress, and get more done.

  • Discover the TQ approach to rapidly finding new and useful tech features in Outlook
  • Declutter and organize your Outlook Inboxes
  • Learn how to organize, prioritize, and manage email and chat messages
  • Leverage advanced search and hidden shortcuts to find things fast
  • Write clear, concise, and actionable messages that get fast results
  • Become a self-sufficient tech explorer, able to navigate updated and future applications to stay on top of new technologies.

Get Control! of Excel

This course is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of Excel and want to enhance their skills to become more proficient. With Mike Song, participants will learn various advanced features and formulas to help them save time and increase productivity. The class uses a fun scenario and real sample spreadsheets to drive home insights and promote hands-on learning.

  • Learn how to simplify, clarify, and improve any spreadsheet
  • Create incredible visuals that turn confusing raw data into useful information
  • Master charts, graphs, and pivot tables
  • Leverage shortcuts, macros, and secret formulas to save time and get more done.

Get Control! of Teams

Are you spending more and more time in Microsoft Teams? Would you like to develop your knowledge of this incredible and multi-faceted business tool? In this comprehensive course session, participants will discover the tech skills they need to operate Microsoft Teams proficiently. At the end of the course, you will walk away with at least 10 new ways to use Teams to get more done every day.

  • Discover hidden chat, search, and organization features
  • Optimize Teams settings and organize Teams files
  • Develop simple meeting templates that boost performance and meeting results
  • Learn how to boost your impact in every virtual meeting
  • Discover incredible Teams translation, transcription, dictation, and engagement tips and tricks

Get Control! of Artificial Intelligence

  • Are you eager to harness the potential of AI to supercharge your workplace productivity? Have you ever felt frustrated by the challenge of making AI genuinely understand your needs? Get ready to unlock the full potential of AI skills in the workplace with our transformative training. Led by bestselling tech expert Mike Song, this one-hour session will empower you to master ChatGPT and revolutionize your business applications. In this engaging and hands-on webinar, you’ll embark on a journey to:Gain a general understanding of AI capabilities.
  • Automate prompts that dial AI into your specific use case.
  • Craft clear, concise, and impactful emails and announcements in multiple languages.
  • Leverage AI to create more persuasive, professional, and data-driven documents.
  • Articulate a compelling vision as a strategic business partner through refined business planning and optimize your meeting invites.
  • Stimulate creativity, enhance decision-making processes, and streamline workflow efficiencies with AI.

Get Control! of Organizing Your Digital Office

Are you struggling to organize all your digital files, tasks, links, documents, emails, and more? Do you wish you could find things fast with zero mental energy? This class helps you organize, prioritize, and manage your OneDrive, Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint files, enhancing your tech skills and giving you the tools you need to become a digital explorer so you will be able to enhance your skills over time.

  • Discover a simple system that makes everything easy to find
  • Find innovative ways to reach critical, high-usage files in one click
  • Learn how to use the OneDrive mobile app and browser bookmarks to save time
  • Reduce procrastination and get more done when you achieve stress-free organization via this innovative, patented class

Get Control! of Your SmartPhone and Outlook App

Are you tired of wasting time on your smartphone and struggling to manage email, tasks, and meetings in Outlook? Join best-selling productivity expert Mike Song, where you’ll learn digital skills and discover incredible Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive mobile App tips. During this exciting webinar, Mike will share valuable insights on how to:

  • Incredible Outlook App E-Calendar scheduling tips
  • Prioritize and manage SmartPhone messages
  • Use advanced smartphone search to find everything fast
  • Create powerful shorthand auto-texts and templates that save time
  • Use the Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and OneNote mobile apps to supercharge your productivity
  • Leverage advanced dictation to rapidly create professional messages from your phone

What Sets Us Apart?

Expert Trainer Mike Song: Benefit from the wisdom of the 6th most-followed time management blogger in the world.

Tailored Curriculum: A course designed with the unique needs of administrative professionals in mind.

Tech Quotient Assessment: Understand your technology proficiency with our unique TQ* Assessment.

Consistency in Teaching: One expert trainer across all classes, offering personalized learning.

Beyond Quick Fixes: Become a ‘Digital Explorer,’ capable of adapting to tech changes.

Course Highlights

Experiential Learning: Interactive hands-on exercises.

Free Giveaways: Digital copies of Mike Song’s best-selling books.

Engagement: Real-world scenarios, contests, and a Q&A with Mike.

Elevate your digital prowess with Digital Efficiency for Administrative Excellence. Become an indispensable asset in your organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career. Register today to secure your spot in our transformative course. For more information, visit our website.


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