Earning Your Place on the Executive Team eBook

You deserve a place on your company’s elite team. Why? Because successful assistants are not one-dimensional. Joan’s here to show you how to earn your place.


For those who have selected this rewarding assistant career path, understanding the many facets of your role is critical. Gaining an appreciation for everything executive assistants can and should bring to the table is a major mile marker in many careers. It’s too easy to narrow the scope of your role and overlook the big picture. Assistants are an integral part of every business. Often, they are the ones who really make the wheels go ‘round. Demonstrating what you are capable of and what you bring to the table will show your leaders exactly where you belong: right alongside them. You should have a seat at the table and be able to contribute freely to the growth and progress of your organization.

Assistants offer a unique perspective that’s incredibly valuable. In this impactful eBook, Joan will teach you how to earn your place so that you’re able to reach your personal goals and stand beside the leaders of your company. Achieving this career pinnacle can be transformative and really speaks to the power of the executive assistant role. Joan will give you the tools you need, help you develop skills, and provide interesting perspectives that will allow you to refocus and reach for the stars!

CAUTION! The Chapter headings may look simple, but the information behind them is deep and multifaceted.

Chapters Include:

  1. Play the Game
  2. When No One is Watching
  3. Be Seen
  4. Show Them Your Value
  5. Walk in Their Shoes
  6. Make Sure They Shine
  7. The Little Stuff Matters
  8. Stay Sharp
  9. Standout
  10. Listen and Learn
  11. Can I Trust You?
  12. Know the Lingo
  13. Think Outside the Box
  14. Map it Out

You will learn:

  • Why getting on the team matters
  • The impact of your behavior
  • How becoming an office liaison can serve you well
  • The importance of solid communication
  • How to be a value-added partner
  • How gaining an appreciation of your leader can help you
  • Why making others shine is so important
  • What comprises your professional image
  • How to go above and beyond
  • How to use creative approaches to set yourself apart
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