Survival Tactics Series for Administrative Professionals During Chaotic Times

Arm yourself with the soft skills needed to survive and thrive during this chaotic time.


This micro-learning series for Administrative Assistants covers the mental attitude needed to thrive under the demands of today’s high-priority, high-expectation workplace. Armed with a warrior mindset, resiliency, and adaptive traits, you’ll end this series with in-demand tools that promote change, break down communication barriers, and allow you to manage your day efficiently.

Despite all the technological advancements and applications in today’s world, obstacles must be faced head-on. This training series for Administrative Professionals provides insightful and palatable information through 6 developmental topics broken down in 30-minute increments. Watch and learn at your own pace.

Survival Tactics Series Information

Includes: Live recording e-learning sessions with Joan Burge

Length: 30 minutes (each session)


  • Embrace a Warrior Mindset
  • Working in Tandem with Your Leader
  • Timely and Effective Communications
  • Being Resilient During Turbulent Times
  • Riding the Wave of Change
  • Self-Management and Personal Care

Participants are NOT AUTHORIZED to share any of the materials they receive as participants of this program. Anyone who is found to be sharing is in violation of our copyright and will be immediately removed without a refund. No exceptions. Please call 800-STAR-139 for group discounts.

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