The Resilient Assistant


It’s an inevitable part of life: We encounter setbacks. We hit adversity. We make mistakes. We have to absorb sudden and sometimes dramatic changes.

Through it all, resilience gives us the power to overcome setbacks, bounce back and maintain equilibrium. And lucky for us, resilience is not some innate quality but rather a skill that can be learned and applied. By understanding and activating the principles of resilience, we can bounce back from challenges, both large and small, and realize the life we’ve always imagined.

The conference theme is “The Resilient Assistant.”

Every session will explore the different dimensions of resilience and how we can apply the science of resilience to transform our experiences in the workplace — even when things don’t go as we planned.

It extends beyond bouncing back: it’s also purposefully bouncing forward. It’s preparing to do so, in advance.

Today’s assistant must harness the driving forces shaping the future ahead of the curve. They must future-proof their careers by applying change preparation skills to remain agile business partners who reflexively integrate change. Advancing the business (and yourself) requires you to demonstrate learnable proactive resilience: to discern the times and integrate trends, to assess and flex, poised for transition nimbly. Because with the right skill set, you can be:

  • Prepared to act decisively.
  • Prepared to transform the workplace.
  • Prepared to transition with the executive.
  • Supremely valued now and into the future.

Office Dynamics produces beautifully crafted, professionally edited videos of each session during the conference, and we’re making them available in one convenient package. That means you can learn on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own desk or home.

How It Works: Easy Access, At Your Fingertips

You’ll receive three-month online access to watch 13 sessions, download the 60+ page participant guide, along with bonus handouts and materials, and experience the power of our world-class speaker line-up all at your own pace.

Login credentials are delivered within minutes after your purchase. You’ll create and activate your account, and the learning will be at your fingertips, at your command, and on your schedule from then on.

You’ll receive a total of 13 career and life-changing educational videos from our handpicked speakers. Plus, BONUS MP3 FILES from each session that you can listen to while on the go!

What’s Included: Ideas, Information & Inspiration

  • Unlimited access to our professionally edited video recordings so you can “attend” each session as many times as you’d like. Unlike other Conferences On Demand, ours has no expiration date. Plus bonus mp3 files.
  • Full, downloadable 60+ page participant guide—the same one our in-person participants receive.
  • Bonus speaker handouts so you can follow along just like you were there.(Inside Workbook)

Learn from World-Renowned Administrative Experts and Speakers

Get your virtual “front row” seat to see all of these dynamic speakers in action!

Joan Burge, Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics

  • Growing the Resilience Skillset (1 hour*) In the captivating opening address for the 2015 conference, Joan Burge shares timeless principles, wisdom, and inspiration to help you weather the inevitable storms of the workplace with her signature sense of style, grace, and professionalism.
  • Future Proofing Your Career (1 hour *) In this session, you’ll learn how to adapt to the driving forces of business and remain competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of the future.
  • The Radically Resilient Assistant: Purposefully Bouncing Forward (1 hour *) The dynamic closing session highlights strategies for using setbacks and change to propel your career forward, bringing to life exciting new ways of thinking that transform the traditional “assistant” mindset.

Courtney Clark, Speaker, Survivor & Optimist

  • Curveball: Coping When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan (1-hour *) Get inspired with this session, and learn how to handle life’s inevitable curveballs with humor, resilience, and tenacity by letting go of “the plan” and finding clarity in even the most stressful situations.
  • From Frustration to Fortitude Workshop: The 4 Focus-Shifts You Need for Courage and Endurance (1.5 hours*) In this session, you’ll learn how to maximize personal and professional well-being with practical tools designed to help you D.U.M.P. the old patterns holding you back and courageously face challenges with a renewed mental outlook.

Debbie Gross, Chief Executive Assistant, Cisco

  • The Future of the Administrative Profession….What’s Next? (1.5 hours*) In this session, Debbie shares her personal strategies for creating successful win-win outcomes with her principal and organization at a time when businesses everywhere are re-inventing, re-evaluating, and reducing headcount.

Adam Timm, Trainer & Best Selling Author

  • 5 Keys To Making This Your Best Week Ever: The Secret Of Proactive Resilience (1 hour *) In this session, you’ll gather more tools for your resiliency toolbox and discover simple ways to sustain power and grace throughout your hectic workweek.

Lisa Olsen, Chief Everything Officer

  • Resilient Leadership: The New Core Competency for Assistants (1 hour 15 minutes*) In this session, you’ll learn how to use “emotional resiliency”—a deeply rooted competency that keeps us grounded and focused—to successfully adapt to change, manage stressful situations and navigate the “permanent whitewater” of the workplace.

Kathy Tosoian, Professional Speaker & Corporate Trainer

  • Igniting Your Unstoppable Attitude (1 hour*) When motivation dwindles, and a positive attitude just isn’t enough, tap into the powerful, real-world strategies offered in this session to turn you from “bitter” to “better.”

Judi Moreo, Professional Growth Trainer & Coach

  • You Are More Than Enough (1 hour 15 minutes*) Let the captivating story-telling magic of this session remind you that life is about more than circumstances—and apply timeless lessons to the physical, emotional and ethical challenges you face at work and at home.

Breakthrough Brunch Powerhouse Panel featuring Peggy Vasquez, Lisa Olsen, Julie Perrine, Debbie Gross, and Joan Burge (1 hour *)

PLUS 2 BONUS Sessions!

Julie Perrine, Increase Your Capacity for Resilience by Creating Effective Systems

  • When things at work start sliding sideways, it’s easy to lose your focus and composure. As an administrative professional, your ability to quickly bounce back and get things headed in the right direction builds credibility, trust, and confidence in those you support. With effective systems in place, you can navigate unexpected changes more adeptly, find support and resources more quickly, and bring calm to the chaos that surrounds you. Creating effective systems to support you and your team is vital to becoming a more resilient assistant.During this session, you’ll learn:
    • What systems are and why you need them
    • How to identify where systems are needed
    • How to create effective systems to support your success

    Lisa Olsen: 30 Tips on Resilience in 30 Minutes

    • The popular 30 in 30 session returned this year with 30 ‘tweetable’ tips in 30 minutes on growing your resilience skill set.Listen in as administrative experts with 100+ combined years of experience have a candid conversation about life, work, and “you won’t believe it!” moments—all designed to help reignite your professional passion and remind you that we’re all in this together.*This is the length of time the speaker is scheduled to present. After professionally editing, the recorded session may be a little shorter.
  • Benefits of Online Learning:
    • View great speakers at your convenience. Once you register, these power-packed sessions are available 24/7 at the click of a mouse.
    • Learn by yourself or opt for a team license for group learning.
    • Increase your knowledge in one day or over several months.
    • Watch as many sessions as you want.
    • Affordable! Get more than 11 hours of rich content from the best conference sessions.
    • Pause the presentation at any time.
    • View the sessions at home or at work – anywhere.

    If you are viewing the conference sessions on your own, here are some ideas to get the most from the content-rich sessions.

    • As you view each session, take notes on the key take-away messages that you can use to build your Action Plan.
    • If available, read the Blog article first related to the speaker as pre-course work. (It will be posted at the bottom of the video session page). This will give you a foundation for the information you are about to hear.
    • If possible, space out your sessions so you can get the most from each one.
    • Create a spreadsheet with the name of each speaker and the title of their session. Add columns for the Top 3 Action Items presented by the speaker, how to implement those in your work or personal life, and a deadline date.

    Participants are NOT AUTHORIZED to share any of the materials or links they receive as participants of this program. Anyone who is found to be sharing is in violation of our copyright and will be immediately removed without refund. No exceptions.

    If you are interested in watching these sessions as a group, please contact Tony Benach at [email protected] for discounted group rates.

    If you opt for a Team License for learning as a group, get organized prior to viewing your sessions. Who is your team leader or facilitator? How often will you view sessions? What is the objective when you learn as a group? Can you tie in session competencies to your individual development plans or your company mission?

    • Take turns sharing the notes each person took after viewing the session. Sometimes a person will hear something important that another attendee did not catch. This will increase the value of your training.
    • Pause the session at any time and focus on the point the speaker just made. Drill down on the information that was presented. How can you apply that information as administrative professionals or as a department?
    • Make a list of the top 3 key points each speaker presented. Then build a calendar for future lunch and learn sessions whereby attendees can bring new information that supports that topic.
    • Assign a different leader for each session to keep your meetings interesting.
    • Hold contests between sessions or at the end of the On Demand Series. After each session, have attendees submit a short story on how they implemented an idea or used a strategy provided by the speaker.  Ask a panel to select the best one, randomly draw a winner, or involve a manager in selecting the best one.
    • Each attendee views the On Demand session prior to the live meeting as a group. Each person brings one great takeaway from the session they previewed to share with the class. Then discuss the application of information. How will you transfer what you learned to your workplace?
    • Each attendee views the On Demand session prior to the live meeting and is tasked with creating a fun learning activity for the live session to reinforce learning.
    • While viewing the On Demand session together, create checklists from the learning session that attendees can use on their own or take back to the administrative professionals in their department.
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