The Revolutionary Assistant

Enjoy three-month access to hours of information-packed learning from our Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence! View top speakers and world-renowned administrative expert Joan Burge!


Learn from World-Renowned Administrative Experts, Workshop Presenters, and Speakers

Get your virtual “front row” seat to see all of these dynamic speakers in action!

Joan Burge:

Opening Session: The Future Belongs to the Revolutionary Assistant

Session: Making the Modern Workspace Work For You with special presenters from Steelcase

Closing Session: Embrace Your Professional Power

Chrissy Scivicque:

Session: The Proactive Administrative Professional: How to Stop Playing Catch Up & Start Getting Ahead by Chrissy Scivicque

Annette Brown:

Session: Compression Planning: From Idea to Action & Results Faster

Brandi Britton:

Session: Trailblazing Your Way to Career Success

Lisa Olsen:

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci!

Peggy Vasquez:

Session: Developing The Power of Your Inner Circle

Kemetia Foley:

Session: It’s How You Say It!

Daren Martin:

Session: Acting Like an Owner

Tess Vismale:

Becoming a Productivity Ninja with Tech Tools

Plus Bonus Sessions From Lucy Brazier and Tae Lee From TRAVO!

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