The Stellar Assistant

Enjoy three-month access to hours of information-packed learning from our Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence! View top speakers and world-renowned administrative expert Joan Burge!


Joan Burge, Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics

Opening Session: The Stellar Assistant

  • Assistants who shine above the rest master four key areas: Attitude, Skill, Teamwork, and Strategy

Session: State of the Profession

  • An inspirational session where Joan will tell you how to proactively position yourself for the exciting opportunities that are being created within the administrative arena.
  • Following Joan’s presentation, she will be joined on stage by 3 highly skilled, seasoned executive assistants representing a combined total of 137 years in the administrative profession, Julie Reed, Lisa Olsen, and Debbie Gross.

Session: Anchoring a Reputation of Excellence

  • Your reputation in the workplace can be your most treasured professional asset or most dangerous liability.
  • Create a strong, consistent presence to establish you as a long-term power player for your organization.
  • Learn how to demonstrate excellence by being the best version of yourself.

Shasta Nelson

Session: Replace Networking with Net Building: How to Connect in Meaningful Ways

  • Healthy relationships are the bottom line to increasing employee health, team engagement, customer service, and company culture.
  • Find out what we can do as employees to make sure we maximize our own health, happiness, and effectiveness.

Brandi Britton

Session: Communicate with Confidence: Secrets to getting your point across

  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Be able to connect with others in a variety of situations.
  • Become a stellar communicator.

Julie Reed

Session: Best-Practices Sharing

 Susan Schultz

Session: Be More Influential: Understanding Communication Styles

  • By understanding the four communication styles and your personal preferences, you will be able to increase your effectiveness in the workplace
  • Know how to complement your executive’s style
  • Take the communication style assessment and explore topics such as what the colors have in common and how they differ.

Debbie Gross

Session: Being Valued, Indispensable, and Recognized in our Profession

  • Receive the tools and tips to communicate successfully that can ease difficult situations and create win-win outcomes.
  • Learn proven processes she uses, efficiently preparing the executive each day for greater productivity and actually increasing your own business acumen, making you truly indispensable

Star-Studded Panel Discussion: Joan Burge, Julie Reed, Sherry Viering, and Wende Morrow

Session: Star-performing assistants share ideas on how to work with excellence

Judi Moreo

Session: Success by Design

  • Learn powerful strategies offering easy-to-use techniques that will set you apart from the rest.
  • Position yourself for success in all areas of your life.
  • Communicate and interact effectively with anyone, boost your credibility, and make a dynamic impression on everyone you meet.
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