Unleash the Power: Strategic Thinking Skills for Administrative Assistants eBook

Elevate your administrative skills with this comprehensive eBook that teaches strategic thinking, problem-solving, and thought leadership to help you become a top-tier administrative assistant. Learn from industry expert Joan Burge as she shares actionable steps and strategies to transform you into a valuable, high-performing team member who makes informed decisions and impactful contributions.


Gain the skills you need to be a successful administrative assistant in today’s workforce. This eBook covers a wide range of topics focused on strategic thinking, from developing problem-solving skills to cultivating thought leadership and making informed decisions. It provides administrative assistants with practical strategies and actionable steps that can help them take their strategic thinking skills to the next level. While tactical thinking is a more common asset amongst administrative assistants, only the top-tier members of the industry have really become strategic thinking experts. If you’re ready to join the elite of our industry and develop your strategic thinking skills, this eBook is for you!

Drawing from decades of experience in the administrative industry, Joan Burge has filled this eBook with practical tips and techniques to help administrative professionals think more strategically and make informed decisions that have a positive impact on their teams and organization. She knows you have everything it takes to be a successful administrative assistant – you just need the right knowledge and skills. With this guide, you will be well on your way to becoming a more effective and valuable member of your team. Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain new, powerful skills that will help you become a high-performing administrative assistant.

CAUTION! The Chapter headings may look simple, but the information behind them is deep and multifaceted.

Chapters include:

  1. What Do You Think?
  2. What’s the Difference?
  3. The Building Blocks
  4. Look to Your Leader
  5. Making it Matter
  6. Let Me Count the Ways
  7. How to Get There
  8. Get Strategic

What you will learn

  • Appreciate the difference between tactical thinking and strategic thinking
  • Learn how to think strategically and develop problem-solving skills
  • Understand the importance of collaboration
  • Find ways to accelerate your strategic thinking growth
  • Identify practices to help you develop your strategic thinking skillset
  • Utilize creative problem-solving strategies to make informed decisions
  • Make bigger-picture contributions by bringing fresh perspectives to existing topics and processes
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in conversations both inside and outside the organization
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