The Administrative Professional: A Vital, Yet Overlooked Contributor

At Office Dynamics International,
We Passionately Believe

  • The administrative role is a noble calling.
  • In a “Career of Choice” mentality.
  • “Falling into a job” will never compare to “falling in love with your career.”
  • A sophisticated, modern executive assistant is an extension of the executive.
  • Administrative professionals are strategic partners in business success.
  • “Administrative” cannot be separated from “professional.”
  • and much more.

These are the beliefs that drive us. We work each day toward a world where the administrative is highly-valued. A world where assistants are offered training and professional development opportunities without question.


The-Administrative-Professional--A-Vital-Yet-Overlooked-ContributorThese beliefs have driven us toward writing an extensive White Paper on the need for professional development opportunities for this vital contributor in today’s workplace.

In this White Paper, Joan Burge addresses the Problem Statement:

The administrative profession is seen as less important than other professions. It is called the “vital, yet overlooked, profession.” Most companies do not provide adequate resources or career-specific training, nor do they plan for succession of support for their top executives. Most administrative professionals do not know how to plan their career or manager their development. They struggle with emerging technologies and insatiable time demands. They have less awareness of advancing trends, and little depth and breadth knowledge of their company’s business and strategy. They lack decision making confidence.


At Office Dynamics we believe the administrative profession is NOT a dying breed. We do believe certain elements of this role as previously performed are dying. (See White Paper for full description.)


IYOTSA 2014We are witness to global organizations rising up and taking a stand for this profession.

Office Dynamics International is proud to support IYOTSA 2014.

What is IYOTSA?

IYOTSA is the ‘International Year of the Secretary and Assistant’. It takes place in 2014. In 1984, a similar international celebration was organised by the PSI and 2014 marks its 30th anniversary. Learn more about this 2014 initiative.


How do we address the problems associated with training the administrative role?

Explore our White Paper further for solutions suggestions on the following administrative training pain points:

  • lack of financial investment
  • too general, off target
  • hypersonic today and tomorrow
  • ‘good enough’ isn’t necessarily so
  • the mass exit
  • bigger, brighter, bolder
  • higher entry thresholds
  • no “plan b”
  • “one size” does not fit all
  • and so much more!

Where do we begin?

  1. We highly recommend you gather your facts (starting with the above-mentioned White Paper). Get yourself educated on WHY this is a need and HOW your organization and leadership team would benefit by the training of administrative professionals.
  2. Start educating your peers! Share this Turbo Charge Your Career eBook with them or share access to our free video training available for administrative professionals.
  3. Educate the Learning Professionals in your organization. Human Resources, Training & Development, Talent Management – whomever is responsible for creating a development path for the professionals in your organization.  We offer a complete series of educational videos and articles just for these professionals.
  4. Get the buy-in from your leadership team/executive. If the person you support does not believe in administrative professional development, share this information with them. We have a series of educational videos just for leaders on the importance of training with tips on how they can best utilize their assistant.

Please reach out and let us know if we can assist you in any way.

To set up an interview or call with Joan Burge, please contact me directly.




  1. Veronica Cross says

    Great discussion. I believe our profession is overlooked because we are the underdogs because of thjs several admins think they are. But Office Dynamics, IAAP, ASAP and other wonderful organization made me realize the possibilities in this proprofession and go hold my head up high. I never said “I am a secretary” with pride until I read Joan’s book and join IAAP. All admins need these organizations as a brick in their professional career foundation. These grounds offer great training, mentoring, networking opportunities onsite, offsite and online.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your insight, Veronica. Yes, the words we choose to speak (as well as how we poise ourselves when we say them) impact how others view us.