Assistant Exchange

An administrative assistant forum for developing efficiencies, approaching problems, difficult tasks, and situations.

Our Assistant Exchange Facebook Group provides members with a forum for Administrative Professionals to have innovative discussions, share best practices, offer tips and tricks, get advice, share tools and processes, network, and more!

It has taken the place of Ask an Admin, an assistant email submission turned weekly blog post.  Assistants can post within the group and receive timely responses from other administrative professionals.

Here is what you can expect:

Becoming a member is free and simple.

  1. Go to Facebook and Request to Join the Group.
  2. Share your credentials and agree to our group rules.
  3. You will receive approval and access.


Also Available On Linkedin

Here is What Other Assistants Are Saying

“This is great!  Thank you for this.  A resource needs a resource.” – Robin J

“Oftentimes my circle does not understand in detail my day to day frustrations. It has been such a benefit to have a resource that allows me to connect with other assistants who do.” – Erin S

“I love this group! I can turn to it before work, during lunch, and on my downtime. The strategy discussions give me palatable insights that I can begin applying immediately” – Jennifer R

Sharing is Caring!

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