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This week Carrie S. asks us:

I am Carrie S., an administrative assistant for two different types of managers. Two fire departments, one Chief each. One of the Fire Chief’s is younger and would like to become more organized with appointments, messages, meetings, and tasks. The drawback to my position with working at both fire departments the work week consists of two days and every other Friday. I am not in the office daily from 8-5, so I feel it is hard for me to know what his schedule is on a daily basis. He does not use Google Calendar but has an iPhone. 

The other Chief, older, but very organized and uses online calendars and his phone as well. I set reminders on my cell and Google Calendar. When a reminder pops up, I text the Chief to let him know of the upcoming meetings. I prepare files with the documentation he will need for the meetings and leave on his desk. He uses Outlook Mail and I will add reminders to the Outlook Calendar in hopes he will see if when I am at the other fire station.

My post is longer than I anticipated, but I want to assist the Chief anyway I can to make his life easier and more organized! 

What are your thoughts?

It sounds like Carrie is the administrative assistant for two different types of managers. One Chief, although older, seems to be savvier with technology and scheduling while the other Chief is struggling with that.

What should Carrie do?


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5 thoughts on “Being an Administrative Assistant for Two Different Types of Managers – Ask an Admin”

  1. Carrie,

    Could you do a quick presentation sell to the young chief on Outlook Calendars? Show him the benefits of the program and use specific examples from the other chief. He could access it from his iPhone and the greatest pro is of course making it a one stop shop for you to manage both their calendars from either location.

  2. I would try to bring the younger chief up to speed on technology. Since he has an iPhone, try to “sell” him on the benefits of Outlook or a similar calendar program. Good luck!

  3. Melissa Hunter

    Why not bring the younger Chief into the digital age and get him using the tools that are available for him? If he has an iPhone, he has a calendar, and that calendar has to link to something online. My iPad is connected to my MS Outlook calendar, and I get meeting notices and reminders on my device. You may find that once he realizes how much easier life can be with the use of digital tools, he grasps the idea quickly.

    Do you use Microsoft Office or something similar on a MAC? set aside 30 minutes a week to give the younger chief a tutorial on one specific tool that can help him.

    Another thought is can you save the meeting material into your meeting notice so the Older Chief will always have it at hand? Not sure as to the confidentiality of the material to know if that is an option.

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