Star-Performing Administrative Competencies

Assessing Core Administrative Competencies

The following assessment is from the Star Achievement Series Certificate Program.

Self Assessment:
Under each core competency is a list of four actions. This is not an exhaustive list of actions that are required of star performers. For each skill, check the box designating how often you perform the action well, based on your personal evaluation. Be as objective as possible.
Scale:     1: Seldom       2: With Some Regularity      3: Usually     4: Always
Appointment Coordination
Obtain necessary information from leaders to plan appointments effectively.
Cognizant that just because a calendar date appears empty, it does not mean the date is available. (Thus leaving time for leader’s action items.)
Use a holistic approach to scheduling appointments.
Leave time at end of day for leader to wrap up and prepare for next day.
Leader Support
Assist leader on projects to free leader to accomplish other tasks.
Provide written/verbal updates to leader on projects without being asked.
Communicate leader’s goals to leader’s staff.
Take the initiative to make decisions in leader’s absence.
Mastering Office Technology
Troubleshoot software problems.
Use spreadsheet programs effectively.
Use word processing and other programs to streamline job.
Learn about trends in office software.
Meeting Preparation and Coordination
Display mastery of skill in planning meeting (includes maintaining action logs, maintaining leader’s schedule, coordinating executive reports and pre-meeting prep).
Ensure meetings and presentations proceed smoothly.
Anticipate leader’s meeting needs by preparing materials before being asked.
Ensure post-meeting actions are taken (such as transferring meeting action items to Outlook or follow-up system; noticing action items expected of my leader’s staff.)
Office Communication
Write clear, concise correspondence.
Obtain detailed information regarding projects to reduce errors and rework.
Understand the diversity and dynamics within a team and tailor my communications to meet those needs of the team.
Compose readable, savvy e-mails.
Office Organization
Recommend tools, products and processes to better organize self, leader, and office.
Initiative to organize information and requests.
Monitor follow-up and action items until complete.
Effective softcopy filing and backup of electronic files.
Problem Solving
Address potential problems before they occur.
Consider several possible solutions before deciding what to do.
Ensure that all outstanding issues are documented and communicated to leader.
Own errors and learn from them.
Professional Behavior
Remain clear-headed when working under pressure.
Display diplomacy when interacting with co-workers and upper management.
Accept suggestions for improvement without responding defensively.
Handle executive-level transactions with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.
Professional Development
Seek feedback opportunities from mentors/superiors on professional strengths and areas of growth.
Set performance goals in line with department or company mission.
Develop a diverse support system at work.
Increased focus on self-development.
Supporting Multiple Leaders
Look ahead to upcoming projects to plan time accordingly.
Keep multiple leaders individually informed on their projects and status of work.
Understand each leader’s unique work style.
Use a project tracking form or similar process to manage workflow for multiple leaders.
Task and Project Management
Gather necessary materials and information before starting a project.
Focus on the most important priorities before working on others.
Communicate and provide appropriate status reports to process owners.
Establish milestones and track accordingly.
Time Management
Tactfully remind others when requested information is not submitted on time.
Adjust priorities as necessary throughout the day.
Sense of what is urgent and what can wait.
Manage many complicated moving parts without supervision.
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