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What is the World Class Assistant™ Professional Designation (CWCA)?

You might be wondering what makes the World Class Assistant™ professional designation, offered by Office Dynamics International different from other administrative assistant courses and designations. There are several differences that are provided below.

Not Just an Administrative Assistant Certificate Program

A Curriculum-Based Designation

World Class Assistant™ is a curriculum-based designation. Many people have not heard this language before. The only way to achieve this designation is to attend the live virtual or in-person class and go through the curriculum with a highly-skilled facilitator or with WCA creator, master trainer, and CEO of Office Dynamics International, Joan Burge.

Joan Burge has more than 30 years of experience in instructional design and adult learning and over 50 years in the administrative profession. This is a powerful combination.

In addition to going through the entire live class, you must:

An Assistant Leadership Course with Vigorous Hands-On Learning

* For In-Person Class Experience

Being hands-on is especially important in the classroom because it allows students to engage in kinesthetic learning. It allows students to experiment with trial and error, learn from their mistakes, and understand the potential gaps between theory and practice. Hands-on learning is also referred to as experiential learning.

We learn by doing, not just reading. When an assistant graduates from the course, they know exactly HOW to do something, not just what to do. Because of ample skill practice during class, assistants immediately increase their confidence which is immensely important to be successful in the workplace.

The knowledge you gain through hands-on learning will stay with you much longer than reading materials and watching videos.

Learning has not taken place until behavior has changed. In training, it’s not what you know—it’s what you do with what you know that counts. That’s why skill practice is so important. Having successful experiences in using information and techniques in the classroom increase the likelihood of on-the-job application.” – Bob Pike, founder and CEO, Bob Pike Group; a highly-respected leader in the training industry
Bob Pike
Founder and CEO, Bob Pike Group; a highly-respected leader in the training industry.

Value of Assistant Networking and Sharing Ideas

Research shows that face-to-face meetings or training is powerful. It allows people to build personal connections, break down barriers, see facial expressions, foster strong relationships, boost collaboration and creativity.

When you attend the Office Dynamics World Class Assistant™ course, you will work in teams. You will learn best practices from a diverse group of assistants with various experiences as well as share them, brainstorm, and build a bond that will last long after the class is over.

A Fun Administrative Assistant Course That Strengthens Learning

A more relaxed atmosphere means more openness to learning. While you will work very hard at your World Class Assistant™ training, you will have fun! Office Dynamics is hands-down the best at creating fun in the classroom for assistants, whether in person or virtual.

An Assistant Leadership Course with Future-Focused Concepts

It is not enough to learn the administrative professional skills needed today. Assistants must develop the executive leadership traits, project management training, and foresight that will benefit them come time for annual performance reviews, crafting an impressive administrative assistant cover letter and resume, and should they be positioning themselves for it, transitioning into a C-Suite Executive Assistant.

An emphasis on being future-focused is what makes an assistant World Class! If you are searching for a professional development course for administrative assistants that will position you for leadership, works with your schedule by allowing you to receive your executive assistant certification online, and is recognized as one of the most prestigious administrative professional certifications, look no further than World Class Assistant.

An Assistant Designation That Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

Tens of thousands of administrative assistants, secretaries, and executive assistants display designations from other organizations and associations. IAAP offers the CAP and OM designation. ASAP Organization offers the PACE designation.

Because the World Class Assistant™ Designation (CWCA) can only be earned by participating in the learning activities throughout the class, demonstrating that you understand the concepts taught, writing a professional development plan, passing the quiz, and going through an approval process, those who graduate are part of an elite group. 

Accomplishing the courses’ rigorous exercises solidifies your commitment to the profession. Perhaps that is why assistants from around the world have chosen to obtain their CWCA designation over all others. 

A No Need to Recertify Assistant Certification

Graduates have proven themselves during the three-day class through a curriculum-based designation, and therefore do not need to apply for recertification. Once the course has concluded, graduates are offered many free continuing education opportunities for administrative assistants. It does not end there. Our team, WCA facilitators, and graduates stay in touch through an exclusive invite-only LinkedIn group.

Show Your Credibility as an Assistant

Once you have received your official WCA Certificate of Completion with your designation, you can proudly display the CWCA initials after your name. Be sure to include the CWCA initials in your signature line, on your business cards, and your LinkedIn profile (just to name a few).


WCA Graduates at Nationwide Insurance

Limited Spaces available

Because of the high-demand for this course to be taught virtually, it will sell out soon. Do Not Wait!

$1,295.00 Investment

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