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Getting Unstuck: Using a Career Analysis to Propel Your Career

We’ve all been there. Those low points in our career where we feel stuck, unable to move forward, and struggling to find meaning in our profession. Trust me – it happens to almost every single working person on the planet at some point or another. There are tools and tactics we can use during these times to get unstuck. We can use the power of self-examination and questioning to find a spark that has the power to fuel us into the future. It’s there, I promise. In this blog, I’ll provide some helpful tips to help you conduct a meaningful job analysis and propel your career forward.

Conducting a career analysis

When we feel paralyzed in our working lives, the best approach is a strategic one. We need to ask ourselves some questions in order to identify our goals, aspirations, skills, and overall vision. This task shouldn’t be taken lightly. Really spend some time asking yourself the tough questions and think long and hard about your answers. Get below the surface and dig in. Be honest and candid with yourself. Ask questions like:

  • Where do you want to be in one year? Essentially, do you think you will be in the same place a year from now? Do you see immediate changes in your future? Do you need immediate changes in order to keep moving forward?

  • Where do you see yourself in three years and five years? Think big picture for this question. Don’t just focus on where you will be physically. Think about your ideal career, what it provides to you, how it makes you feel, and how it enriches your life. Start to paint a picture for yourself as you identify your goals.

  • What skills and attributes do you feel confident about in yourself? Think about key skills and attributes like communication, calendar management, being a team player, project management, flexibility, organization, positive attitude, resiliency, or dedication.

  • What skills and attributes do you think are your weakest? Why are they your weakest? Would training help you develop any of those skills? This can be a tough question. Take extra time on this one. Be honest and candid but also kind and gentle with yourself. We all have things we’d like to improve upon. That’s okay! We can only grow and develop if we identify those things and then work to keep expanding our knowledge and skillsets.

  • What type of industry do you see yourself in? Sometimes, we can be happy with our profession but also be eager to apply our skills to a different industry. Start by identifying the things that attract you to a company. Do you need to feel proud about what they do? Do you want to work for a business that is very successful?

  • What are you willing to do to invest in your future success? Think about things like staying late, taking on new responsibilities, continuing formal education, or participating in job training. Often, growth takes hard work. What kind of work are you willing to put toward your professional growth and development?

  • Do you want to move out of the administrative profession someday? If the answer is yes, then identify what other professions might be of interest to you. Think carefully about these and think realistically. Do you need additional education for those professions? How long will it take to obtain the additional education?

  • Are you proud to work for the organization that currently employs you? This is a critical question that takes some time to think through. Think about your organization’s mission and vision statements. Do they inspire you? Do you feel like they live up to those statements? If not, do you think some of your dissatisfaction could be related simply to the company for whom you currently work and not related to your choice of profession or industry?

  • Are other opportunities available in your current company? If you love working for your company but just feel like you’re not in the right place, check to see if there are any other opportunities within your company that might be more fulfilling to you. Many companies extend job opportunities to internal team members first before listing them on a job site. Find that list and see if you see yourself in a different department or role within your organization.

  • Are there any obstacles that are standing in your way? This can also be a tough question, and again it’s really important to take some time to sit with it. Obstacles can take a variety of forms, from bad bosses to limited resources for professional development, from age and experience to desire for growth and passion for your work. Be thoughtful here. What’s really holding you back? What’s in your way and stopping you from moving forward?

Using what you learned

After you conduct your career analysis, it’s time to put that information into action! Successful professionals constantly set goals and thoughtfully navigate their careers. This process won’t be easy. Understand that the act of identifying goals, articulating them carefully, and creating a plan to achieve them are difficult tasks. Take your time with it, and be intentional about it. Write it out. There’s great power in putting your thoughts on paper and seeing the fruits of your career analysis come together. That document can be a grounding force for you as you move forward.

Once you start your journey, don’t get disappointed if things take time. The act of achieving your goals will take hard work, dedication, and lots of resilience. There will be challenges, barriers, and issues. That’s normal. If you hit a bump in the road, just take a step back. What do you need to do to overcome it? Go back to your original game plan. Re-center and figure out a way to keep moving ahead. Your plan will be your compass. It’s always there whenever you need it, and it can help keep you on the right track.

Finding the spark

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