Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed

A cutting-edge book for Executive and Administrative Assistants

book for executive administrative assistants


You were not born to be ordinary. Far from it! But to succeed in business you need to do more than show up and work. You need to learn how to demonstrate your worth in ways that matter. You must stand out from the crowd by being future-focused and grounded today.

In this book, Joan Burge, the red-lipstick-wearing Rock Star, and pioneer of administrative excellence exposes the game-changing truths and unwritten rules you need to know in order to maximize your potential. In an unapologetic, uncompromising, no-holds-barred style, Joan shares never before revealed career stories and life lessons in a tell-all book that will challenge your perspective and teach you how to master your craft and triumph in today’s business environment. What are you waiting for? The world is waiting for you.

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Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed sets the gold star standard of what it critically takes to be a stellar Executive Assistant. This is no ordinary, run of the mill how-to book. Joan’s tell it like it is style is raw, powerful and poignant. Her “white gloves off” approach finally fills in the mysterious gaps of what it really takes to not only develop ourselves personally to shatter our own glass ceilings, but to obtain and sustain that elusive brass ring of a true strategic partnership with our Executives that even the most seasoned Executive Assistant is searching for, but that all levels of Assistants must truly know, live and practice to succeed and thrive.

Having had the privilege of working with Joan Burge for more than ten years, I can attest to the fact that reading this book is just like sitting down with Joan over coffee and receiving her valuable wisdom of the administrative profession.

This book is for the adventurous assistant looking to elevate their career. Joan is bold, she’s a visionary, she expects us to get out of our comfort zone and SHINE. If you’re willing to embrace what she shares here and believe in yourself as you put her tips to the test, you’re in for an epic ride!

This will become the standard go-to manual for every administrative professional at every experience level. Joan shares her decades of experience not only as an executive assistant, but as a mentor, an executive, a presenter, and a business owner. The straightforward advice she shares is written with boldness because she wants each reader to realize their potential. Readers are encouraged to embrace and hone in on their own unique natural gifts. Joan shares all of the essential best practices for both personal and professional fulfillment. These methods are proven successful by Joan’s own examples and experience. With so many highlighting & note-taking opportunities there are numerous ways to personalize this workbook for your own unique journey. It is more than a how-to excel at your career or how to untap your full potential type of book… It will become your personal manifesto!

This is one of the most impactful books I have ever read. Whether you are a seasoned administrative professional or new to the role, this book is for you. There are so many helpful tips you can refer to again and again.

Joan has a no-nonsense and matter-of fact-approach to encouraging others to always continue learning, take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. Her advice and stories on how she handled various challenges and bosses left me wondering if I handled specific situations in my administrative career with the same grace and wisdom.

This book had such a positive impact on me that I couldn’t help but take Joan’s advice and wisdom to heart both professionally and personally. I now realize there is so much more I can do to be a better executive assistant, wife, mom, friend, and version of myself.

Thank you, Joan, for all you do to inspire me to be the best administrative professional possible and thank you for writing this book.

Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed is just that! Joan Burge CEO/Founder of Office Dynamics International, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and former Executive Assistant has combined her expansive business experience with her true passion for administrative excellence to create this no-nonsense book. Joan provides the reader just what the title implies, her “Greatest Administrative Secrets” or best techniques to address day-to-day issues encountered in the office. Each chapter is relevant, enlightening, and will challenge your thinking all while inspiring you to succeed. No matter if you are an entry level or seasoned professional – if you are serious about your career this “how-to” book is a must read.

Do you want to get personal and real with your Career? Does saying the word Uncompromising make you stand a little taller? If so, look no further than the beloved Joan Burge’s latest venture into lifting the administrative profession up a few more notches. I have to confess that I have been a Joan groupie for some time and have instituted a lot of her methodologies and sage advice along the way. The returns for my efforts have been great, to say the least…life-changing is a more accurate description… and not just on the job! I successfully navigated requests for and changes in my role at work, and more importantly, have created healthier relationships and boundaries personally and professionally. If you really are going to invest in yourself and your career, USE THIS BOOK! Use the questions at the end of each chapter. Fill in the lines with your thoughts, plans, action steps, and what you need to focus on next. Make it part of your personal improvement plan and revisit it monthly to make sure you are staying on track or tweak your plan if need be. I stayed riveted to each page and read some sections twice just to be sure that I was capturing what Joan was sharing. What this book promises is the revelation of secrets from Joan learned across a lifetime of hard work, tenacity, and an interminable quest for professional excellence. Mission accomplished!

What are you waiting for? Set your world on fire!

This is the “playbook” we needed! A must-have for all administrative professionals! I love how Joan includes more stories from her own career, as well as thought-provoking questions throughout the entire book. Each chapter will definitely challenge you to think “out of box” as you focus to elevate your performance and continue on your career journey. So, grab your flags and highlighters, you are going to need them!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joan Burge for nearly 20 years. I have learned so much from Joan, but what I always come back to is the importance of taking the time to have human moments. In this technology-driven world, this advice rings truer now than ever before. While we are fortunate to live in an age of electronic devices and systems that have allowed our profession to evolve, it has also taken a toll on our social skills. This is evident when we receive poor customer service, when we’re cut off in traffic, or when we watch the evening news. Joan demonstrates the necessity of human interaction and how taking the time to make a phone call or have a face-to-face meeting can prevent misunderstandings, strengthen relationships, and build a network. If you take away just one thing from reading this book, trust that Joan cares enough to tell us the honest truth, (even when it’s difficult to hear), and it is our successes that Joan loves to celebrate with us.

I am so grateful that I purchased Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed by Joan Burge. This book is concise, thought-provoking and is packed with so many amazing concepts and takeaways that I am going to re-read it again! Each incredible chapter is more amazing than the last and Joan is honest, down to earth, and real – reading this book is like having a conversation with Joan in person! I love that this book is designed to challenge our thinking and encourage us to jump to the next level. Having the section at the end of each chapter where we can set action steps and our thoughts is such a great idea! Joan has given fantastic advice that is delivered in a very empowering and personal way. Thank you, Joan, for sharing your knowledge, for bringing your authentic self to the page, for your motivation and for thinking about all of us! This book is such a blessing and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to read it.

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