Partnering With Management- Must-Have Communication Skills

Standalone Program for Administrative Assistants

Length: 2 Hours 

How can you build rapport with your executives? Do you know your communication style and how to interact with other styles? How can employees build even stronger, more effective partnerships with management? How do you assimilate constructive feedback? Does it get you down or build you up? This advanced session can help! Attendees will:

  • Explore best ways to communicate with different types of managers.
  • Discover how to establish “common ground” with management to promote greater understanding from the start.
  • Accept constructive feedback with a positive attitude, and use it to improve performance.

Interactive Learning Experience: A Joan Burge/Office Dynamics International educational program is interactive, synergistic, and fun. We utilize your intelligence, creativity, and work experience. Joan Burge and our Certified Trainers facilitate learning techniques that motivate adult learners to listen, participate and try new behaviors with ease. Through individual and group exercises, discussions, and dynamic teaching segments, you will assimilate key learning points. Our curricula engage participants of every age group.

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