Fighting Office Dragons 2.0

“Fighting Office Dragons” is a transformative course designed to empower professionals to confront and overcome the challenges that manifest as “office dragons” in the workplace. Through practical techniques and strategies, participants learn to identify, tame, and conquer these dragons, fostering a more positive work environment and enabling them to assert control over negative emotions and interactions.


Course Length: 38 mins | Access Time: 6 months | Certificate of Completion: Yes

The Reality of Fiery Creatures

Work dominates a huge portion of our lives. Just think about how much time you spend there. It can, at times, become overwhelming and serve as a source of negative feelings. Our tasks and interactions can become a source of anxiety and frustration. We can even find ourselves staring down “office dragons.” Just like with any mythical creature, office dragons can take many different shapes. Our leaders, co-workers, and even ourselves can become a dragon. How does that happen? Dragons are formed from:

  • Lack of direction and clarity
  • Demonstrations of favoritism
  • Constant procrastination
  • Not delivering on part of the job
  • Being guilty of gossiping
  • A lack of self-confidence and assertiveness

The Solution: Fighting Office Dragons

Dragons can be intimidating and make us feel like the best option is to run away. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t work. When we run away or try to ignore the problem, we tend to create more problems. We end up feeling down about ourselves, and we even inadvertently give more power to the dragon. Know this: Office dragons can be defeated.

That’s right. Office dragons can be conquered if you understand how to approach them with the right attitude and mindset. In fact, you will probably even discover that the dragon isn’t really as scary as it once seemed. You’ll have gained a new understanding for the root cause of its behavior and know how to work with, not against it.

The Key Takeaways

The Fighting Office Dragons Module will help you face your fears with a renewed sense of confidence and a positive attitude. Slaying dragons will be easier than you once thought it could be. By gaining knowledge about how dragons are created, you’ll really understand how to defeat them once and for all. You’ll walk away from this module with an understanding of how to:

  • Identify the types of office dragons
  • Be a team player
  • Avoid common pitfalls that create dragons
  • Control your attitude to tame your internal dragon
  • Utilize effective fighting tactics
  • Be more confident

What You Will Learn

This module will paint a clearer picture and pull back the curtain on the mystery of office dragons. You’ll discover that office dragons are not truly creatures of myth. You’ll be able to see them as they really are: Just a person struggling to effectively deal with stress or find a productive outlet for negative emotions. Once your office dragons are slayed, you’ll find your productivity goes up, you have more enthusiasm for your job, and you no longer allow negativity to rule the day. In “Fighting Office Dragons,” Joan will cover:

  • Conquering your own negative feelings to tame your inner dragon
  • Processes and strategies that help you effectively face office turmoil
  • How to confront, tame, and teach an office dragon

Truly Transformational Education

A message from Office Dynamics Founder and CEO, Joan Burge:

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