Goal Setting and Execution

The “Goal Setting and Execution” course equips you with the essential skills to transform your dreams into attainable goals. Through strategic planning, understanding the nature of goals, and utilizing effective strategies, this module enables you to lay a solid foundation, overcome obstacles, and finally start checking off those big goals from your list.


Course Length: 65 mins | Access Time: 6 months | Certificate of Completion: Yes

Set It and Forget It?

We’re all familiar with New Year’s resolutions. We set ourselves lofty goals and aspirations for the upcoming year, but far too often, they languish. Why? Because usually, we set the goal but never put a plan and process in place to achieve it. Goals need structure, direction, and intention in order to thrive. We allow goals to stagnate when we encounter a problem or obstacle. Those issues can paralyze us and prevent us from checking our goals off the list. Goals remain unachieved when we:

  • Don’t believe in ourselves
  • Let the tough times win
  • Fail to lay a solid foundation
  • Set them to be unrealistic
  • Allow fear to take control
  • Mistake a goal for a dream

The Solution: Goal Setting and Execution

We commonly confuse dreams and goals. While both serve to fuel our inspiration, drive, and determination, they each occupy different spaces. Dreams fill up your mind and heart, while goals become your reality. Goals help you achieve your dreams, if you understand how to use the power of goals to fulfill dreams. Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?

Great! Here’s what you need to know: Goals are achievable. If you use the right approach, you’ll find that you can make even the biggest goals happen. That’s exciting stuff! If you’ve struggled in the past with identifying and achieving goals, you’re not alone. Joan Burge can help you overcome that struggle and achieve both your goals and your dreams.

The Key Takeaways

The Goal Setting and Execution Module will help you understand the nature of goals and develop a strategic approach that will help you achieve them. Imagine if you could start checking off big goals from your list. The sense of achievement and reward you feel when you achieve a goal you once thought was out of reach is incredible. You’ll walk away from this module with an understanding of how to:

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Develop your strategy
  • Use deadlines to help keep you focused
  • Change your mindset to support your goal
  • Stay on track and keep making progress
  • Use the resources that are already around you

What You Will Learn

This module will help you approach goals with a game plan. An effective game plan allows you to hone your efforts, anticipate and prepare for obstacles, and find success and fulfillment. Once you start achieving your goals, remember to reward yourself. Those rewards serve as another incentive to keep moving forward! In Goal Setting and Execution, Joan will cover:

  • Putting in the time and effort up front to achieve your goals
  • Effective strategies that help you stay on your journey
  • The interplay between the choices we make and goals we achieve

Truly Transformational Education

A message from Office Dynamics Founder and CEO, Joan Burge:

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