Star Achievement Series – 2023

Discover the Second Generation Star Achievement Series®, a transformative administrative training course designed for the new work era. Elevate your career by developing critical and strategic thinking skills through this comprehensive, two-level program tailored for administrative professionals.


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Introducing the Second Generation Star Achievement Series®, a premiere administrative training course designed for the new work era. This course addresses the changing attitudes of administrative professionals and their leaders, making it a game changer across various industries. Building on the original Star Achievement Series®’ success, the Second Generation is deeper, more intimate, and more robust.

The course combines timeless principles with new, leading-edge thinking to help administrative professionals develop critical and strategic thinking skills. The curriculum includes new workbook content, individual and assistant/leader assessments, and proven strategies for excelling in any work environment.

The elite training program consists of two levels of learning with four modules each. Level I focuses on building a strong foundation, emphasizing confidence, growth, communication, and conflict resolution. Level II advances maturing competencies with a higher level of leadership, self-management, and goal attainment.

The Star Achievement Series® is based on the unique combination of attitude, skill, teamwork, and strategy, providing a powerful and life-changing experience for participants. By attending this course, administrative professionals will gain valuable skills, knowledge, and certification to help them excel in their careers.

Please refer to the website for full details and the cancellation policy.

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