Success Is 90% Attitude

The “Success is 90% Attitude” course is designed to empower administrative professionals to maintain a positive outlook and navigate through daily challenges with poise and positive energy. Through tools, techniques, and understanding attitude killers, participants will learn how to gain control over their day, increase satisfaction in their career, and harness the transformative power of positivity.


Course Length: 58 mins | Access Time: 6 months | Certificate of Completion: Yes

The Wrong Mindset

When most of us meet a new day, we try to do so with a good attitude. We wake up energized, conquer our morning tasks with gusto, and prepare ourselves to meet another working day. Unfortunately, for many administrative professionals, there are usually a number of things that can go wrong to shift a good attitude into a rotten one. What happens to your attitude when…

  • You get stuck in gridlocked traffic?
  • You encounter technical issues with your computer?
  • There’s an emergency you need to handle right away?
  • Your coworker is in a bad mood?
  • Your well laid plans get disrupted?
  • You’re pulled in a million different directions?

The Solution: Success is 90% Attitude

See how quickly things can feel like they’re going all wrong? These little hurdles can stack up and begin to feel like one huge mountain, deflating and poisoning a positive outlook. That cycle can serve to affect every aspect of our daily lives including our work product.
However, when administrative assistants learn to control their attitude, they quickly find they feel better and work better. They don’t allow life’s constant curveballs to throw them off course. They maintain their balance and dance through adversity. But what’s the secret? Joan Burge can teach you how to navigate the day with positive energy and poise.

The Key Takeaways

The Success is 90% Attitude Module will help you not only seize each day but maintain the right mindset no matter what the day throws at you. You’ll find that a positive attitude can be one of the most powerful tools you possess. You’ll walk away from this module with an understanding of how to:

  • Gain control of your day
  • Stop the domino effect
  • Practice more patience
  • Harness the holistic power of positivity
  • Become more self-aware
  • Set healthy boundaries

What You Will Learn

This module will help you reset and refresh your mental outlook. It is designed to help you become more aware of positive attitude killers, learn how to work through them, and, ultimately, harness the incredible power that a positive attitude provides. This module provides tips for improving your working life and personal life. In “Success is 90% Attitude,” Joan will cover:

  • Tools and techniques that help you maintain a positive attitude
  • What to focus on each day in order to maintain your balance
  • How to gain more satisfaction and confidence in your career

Truly Transformational Education

A message from Office Dynamics Founder and CEO, Joan Burge:

I applaud your initiative, determination, and spirit of growth. You’re here, so you’re obviously eager to learn. Since 1990, I’ve worked hard to develop a huge library of resources so you can do just that. You will find educational resources ranging from downloadable eBooks to live virtual courses, conferences, on demand courses, and more at For a transformative investment, take a look at our Administrative Certification/Designation courses at

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