Reputation Matters:

Creating and Promoting Your Brand eBook

Reputation Matters eBook

Professional image and personal brand are industry buzz words that have begun to pop up more and more as employees become aware of their incredible impact. Stellar executive assistants should understand that developing their personal brand is now a required part of the job. It simply can’t be overlooked or dismissed. Too often, we forget that people are always watching and listening to us. Every move we make, action we take, and word we say is observed. These observations allow others to make assessments on our abilities, goals, and professionalism. It can be easier than you’d think to accidentally send the wrong message.

In this powerful eBook, Reputation Matters: Creating and Promoting Your Brand, Joan teaches you the right way to ensure you’re always furthering your personal brand. We look at everything from the outside image and actions to our internal attitudes. Personal brand is more than your look. A truly complete brand encompasses your complete professional image including what you wear, how you speak, how you act, and how you treat others. Focusing on every single aspect of your personal brand, Joan helps you navigate the image development process so you deliver a complete package.

Chapters Include:

  • What is Your Brand?
  • Putting Business Back in Business Casual
  • Creating Your Wardrobe
  • Self-Care
  • After Hours Events
  • Let’s Hear it for the Boys!
  • Follow Workplace Policies
  • Respect Your Workspace
  • Have a Good Attitude
  • Look Them in the Eyes
  • Be a Thoughtful Team Member
  • Communication
  • Without Words

You will learn:

  • What brand means
  • How to dress the part
  • How to develop a wardrobe that will serve you well
  • What to invest in and what to avoid
  • How to consistently send the right message
  • How much the little things matter
  • A smile goes a long way
  • How to best represent your image
  • How to effectively communicate

Your Reputation Matters

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