Who Took My Pen... Again?

Book for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Book for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Amazon Best Seller! Are you ready to rise to the top of your game and become your very best, gaining new insights and reaching the highest heights? Whether you’ve been in the field for twenty minutes or twenty years, this book is a “must” resource you will refer to again and again!

Finally! A book for executive assistants written by executive assistants! Overflowing with secrets, tips, and tools of the profession, this book is a ready resource created by those who “walk the walk and talk the talk” of the complex administrative professional role. They really “get it.” Inspired by the Office Dynamics 18th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, themed The Path Forward: Adding Value Every Day, the authors drew on the attendees’ knowledge as well as their own years of experience to develop the content for this book.

Who Took My Pen … Again? offers practical, creative strategies for achieving success and building leadership attributes, compiled from the diverse experiences of high-achieving administrative professionals in a wide variety of businesses and industries, representing four generations of experienced and highly-seasoned executive assistants. It will change your life.

Chapters Include:

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY: how to be responsible and be present.
  2. AMBASSADOR: how to behave and treat people while speaking up and solving problems.
  3. ATTITUDE: guarding your attitude, creating an approachable atmosphere.
  4. CHANGE AGENT: adding value by strategically re-thinking what has always been done.
  5. COMMUNICATE: getting your point across in a clear and concise manner.
  6. COST EFFECTIVE: understanding your and your company’s mindset on finance.
  7. CREATIVE THINKER: silencing your inner critic and thinking beyond the status quo.
  8. (BE) COURAGEOUS: choosing to master fear by taking appropriate action.
  9. DECISION MAKER: setting aside your own bias to see the big picture.
  10. FUTURE FOCUSED: following futurists and trend setters.
  11. INVEST (IN YOURSELF): being the one to make life happen for you.
  12. INVESTIGATE: what to ask and asking the next question.
  13. LEAD: it’s not just for managers.
  14. NETWORK: building helpful relationships.
  15. ORGANIZE: knowing it and doing it are two different things.
  16. PEER SYNERGY: valuing diversity and leveraging strengths.
  17. PROMOTE: understanding your business and being its’ cheerleader.
  18. QUOTABLE: pick-me-up wisdom and wit gathered by authors.
  19. REVEAL: transparency without TMI.
  20. SHOWCASE (YOUR TALENTS): hone in on what makes you great.
  21. SUPPORT (THE EXECUTIVE): juggling priorities without struggling.
  22. TECHNOLOGY (TANGO): be an ardent adopter of emerging trends and technologies.
  23. TRUST: trusting others, and being trustworthy.

You will learn:

  • Be future focused
  • To bring peace to every situation
  • Be your own cheerleader!
  • Have the courage to be the best
  • Accept fresh, new ideas
  • Be creative
  • Live your values at work
  • Be resourceful
  • Create  calm out of chaos
  • Partner with your leader
  • This book . . .
  • Offers real-life success stories!
  • Provides ignition for positive change!
  • Infuses life with confidence!
  • Provides seasoned administrative professionals’ best ideas!
  • Soars over hurdles with stand-out savvy!
  • Lights or rekindles the fires of career passion!

Over 100 SUPER SECRETS are included in this book, such as:

  • Help when asked. Tomorrow you might need help!
  • Remember you are always on stage.
  • Physically separate yourself from negative people.
  • Communication is a skill you need to consistently build. You will never “arrive” but you can become much, much better at it than you are right now.
  • Remember that tiredness, grief, or lack of self-care will affect your creativity.
  • Sometimes you must act quickly; knowing your values will give you more confidence to fit the action with the behavior closest to your values.
  • Avoiding making a decision will greatly reduce your available options.
  • Hone your investigative skills easily by asking, “Why is that?”
  • It’s not about perfection. It’s about excellence, every day. Live it yourself and teach it to others around you.
  • Recognize that other administrators have different work styles than yours and accept that fact.

What Assistants are saying

Finally! A book for executive assistants written by executive assistants! Overflowing with secrets, tips, and tools of the profession.

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