Star Achievement Series Trainer Certification FAQs

Star Achievement Series® Trainer Certification FAQs

“What exactly is Star Achievement?”
Star Achievement is a philosophy-based program. When employees embrace a philosophy, they take it with them long after the training has ended and apply the principles to all aspects of their life. Star Achievement is not just a training program. It is a way of thinking… being… and performing! It is a way of life!

Star Achievement is a journey – a process of evolving. Years of experience teaching this Series has shown me that long-term change requires a change in behavior. Changing a person’s behavior generally requires repeated exposure to the desired skills and attitudes in order to be effective. The Star Achievement curriculum was designed as a Series for this reason.

Star Achievement was written and researched by someone who worked in the administrative profession in a variety of roles for 20 years – me. I know the challenges and obstacles assistants and other support staff face in their particular role. I know how to speak their language. I know what it takes to be very successful in those jobs! This personal experience adds tremendous credibility to the program so it is easier to get employee buy-in.

“The topics I see in the curriculum seem similar to other programs we’ve offered to employees. What’s the difference in your program?”
While your administrative and support staff may participate in continuing education programs, the training may not be designed to meet their specific needs. Often, management training programs are merely adapted for support staff purposes.

While a skill set such as communication skills may be taught to management and administrative, the specific application to each employee’s daily job function is vastly different and should be tied to their career-specific responsibilities and relationships to have a long-lasting impact.

While some of the module topics listed in Star Achievement may sound similar to programs you’ve previously conducted, it is important to remember that these topics are combined to be most effective when implemented cumulatively. The information presented in each module builds upon the previous module’s content, growing in complexity as the Series progresses.

“Do I have to teach the modules as full-day workshops? We’ll never get our staff away for a full day!”
Once you become a certified trainer and your organization has secured a site license, you may roll out the program as you wish. You may hold two-hour sessions or half-day sessions. I have found that the full-day program is very successful because you build momentum as the day progresses. This is a highly interactive program and participants stay engaged.

I recommend starting with one module and offering it as a full-day workshop. If you can get managers to commit to sending their administrative staff to one full day, you will easily convince them for future full-day workshops. Because of your attendees’ enthusiasm and improved performance, they will become your walking “billboards.”

“Are all four modules in a Level taught four days in a row?”
Rarely. The modules should be taught depending on a client’s timeline, budget and logistics.

I recommend modules be spaced at least a few weeks apart, but no more than three months apart. Most of our clients offer the modules monthly or bi-monthly. That seems to be most effective in keeping the momentum for participants while allowing sufficient time for them to implement techniques learned in class.

We have had a few clients with special logistical needs whereby we have taught two or more modules in a row, as long as pre-class assignment work is completed by participants.

“Can I customize the material?”
Once you become a certified trainer, you can customize the program to incorporate your company values, guidelines and work principles. The more you can tie the Star Achievement concepts to your organization’s beliefs and values, the more powerful the program will become.

“Is Level I for novice administrative staff and Level II for our seasoned executive administrative assistants?”
The levels do not correlate with the number of years someone has been in the profession. The levels relate to concepts and philosophies taught in Star Achievement, similar to college courses. In more than 42 years in the business world, I have found that experience doesn’t necessarily equate to success in a given profession. It is what a person does with their experience and knowledge and whether they have continued to challenge themselves to grow. Star Achievement Series® attendees working in the administrative field for more than 30 years have told me they still learned new techniques in Level I.

“Can non-administrative staff attend the program?”
While I designed the initial Star Achievement Series® for executive administrative assistants and support staff, other career professionals had a strong interest in the topics and competencies covered, and wanted to attend the program.

Since 1990, healthcare organizations, accounting, and law firms, and other industries have offered the Star Achievement Series® to their paralegals, corporate library staff, customer service representatives, and department managers. All who have attended the Star Achievement program have benefitted from the Star philosophy and techniques.

“What kind of teaching methods are used in the Series?”
The Series focuses on innovative methods of teaching such as interactive role-playing, presentations, self-reflection exercises, timed activities, team competitions, case studies, brainstorming, modeling, demonstrations and more. These exercises are energizing, challenging, and fun.

“Once our trainers are certified, do they receive any ongoing support from you?”
Most definitely! Certified trainers have access to Office Dynamics’ staff and me whenever they need it. There is no extra charge for this service. I want certified trainers to experience as much success with this program as I have since I launched it in 1990. This is a unique, effective program with outstanding results. I also stay in touch with the certified trainers to see how the program is progressing and to share relevant new information. We present a continuing education three-day workshop for Star certified trainers about every 18 months.

“You said this program has a 30+ year proven track record.  How often do you update your materials and content?”
Since 1990, I have revised the curriculum 16 times. I make it a point to ensure that what we teach in Star Achievement is relevant, timely, and consistent with business trends and administrative competencies.

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