Underneath It All

Book for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Underneath It All Book for Administrative and Executive Assistants

Underneath It All is a book by Joan Burge, a renowned expert in the field of administrative training and development. In this Second Edition, Burge shares insights and lessons she has learned through years of growth in the profession, as well as personal struggles including illness and loss.

The book focuses on the importance of developing soft skills in order to maintain a competitive advantage and achieve success as an administrative professional. Burge’s research shows that 90% of the requirements for success in the field revolve around soft skills, while only 10% involve technology and technical skills. In Underneath It All, readers will learn about innovative approaches to improving their effectiveness and rising to the top in their field.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in the exciting and rewarding world of administrative work. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Burge is also known for her positive attitude and motivation, which make her an inspiring guide for readers looking to better themselves and their careers. With her extensive experience and unique perspective, Burge offers valuable insights that can benefit anyone looking to excel in the administrative field. So, the book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their skills and advance in their career.

Chapters Include:

  1. This Is Cognitive-Being Territory
  2. I’ve Got What It Takes To Be A Leader
  3. I’m My Own Career Manager And I’m “Heady” With Power
  4. Professionals Works For Me
  5. Earning Your Rightful Place On the Executive Team
  6. The Anatomy Of A Strategic Partnership
  7. Communication: As Important As Ever
  8. The Fine Art Of Persuasion . . . Sharpen Your Tools
  9. Teamwork And Peer Power
  10. Dear Managers

You will learn:

  • Navigate your career
  • Combat negativity
  • The nuts and bolts of leading
  • Break through a career plateau
  • Perception management
  • Be a value-added partner
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The fine art of persuasion
  • Accept change
  • Get into the executive suite
  • Gain respect
  • Negotiate with managers
  • And more!

What Assistants are saying

Joan intimately shares with administrative professionals the bottom line to achieving success and maintaining your edge in a worthwhile career.

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