Wearing the Appropriate “Costume” To Work—Looking Your Professional Best

Hello Monday Motivators!

Fall and the approach of Halloween are definitely in the air in Las Vegas. As I drive through my neighborhood to exit for work, I see many houses all done up in preparation for the grand evening of Trick or Treating.

Interestingly, as I provide on-site executive assistant and administrative training and consulting across the country, I also see anything and everything in terms of business dress, which is actually very casual. The reality, though, is that top management wants their employees to portray a professional image in their demeanor and dress. They want employees to be proper and demonstrate business etiquette. In the past year, I have been called upon by several managers and executives to address appearance and dress in their workplace, specifically taking it up a notch or two.


Ask yourself: 

What costume are you wearing to work?


Training for Executive and Administrative AssistantsRegardless of how casual your workplace is, I have some advice after 42 successful years in the workplace and being highly respected.

1.   Keep your standards high. Determine what is right for you and your career aspirations and goals. Don’t ever lower your standards to fit in with everyone else.

2.   Dress for how you want to be perceived, not how you feel when you roll out of bed, especially on a dreary morning. People’s perceptions are their reality. If they perceive that you took no care in how you dressed for the day, they assume you don’t care about the little details of work. They may believe you don’t take work seriously and only see yourself as having a job, not a career. While this may not be true, it is the reality they live with.

3.   It takes courage to stand out from the crowd. I don’t mean be showy and flashy. You stand out because you look sharp, put together, neat and coordinated. If you have “lots” of stuff going on with your clothes, nail color, hair and jewelry, you are going to confuse people.

4.   Use good judgment when you dress for the day. What will you be doing? Who will you be seeing? Are any visitors coming? What about unexpected visitors? And it’s not only who you plan on seeing or what you plan on doing, but you are always on stage. So even if you plan nothing, people are going to see you and form an impression.

Be sure to wear the appropriate costume to work!

Joan Burge


Watch this video:

Wear the appropriate “costume” at work



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