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Joan Burge Administrative Coach and Trainer

Joan Burge

Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics International | Speaker | Author | Trainer | Coach

Administrative professionals are notoriously over-worked—we all know that feeling of “too much to do and not enough time.” Even the most dedicated admin can fall victim to everyday productivity pains like procrastination, unrealistic deadlines, and lack of organization. Those who don’t have the skills to cope are left feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Their executives notice and, if left unmanaged for long, life outside work suffers too.

Joan Burge has been in your shoes and she’s discovered real-world ways to manage the constant stream of demands placed on support professionals. After attending this one-hour webinar, you’ll gain the practical tools needed to stay on top of your ever-increasing to-do list and leave the office each day with a sense of true accomplishment and peace of mind. Best of all, you’ll be empowered to make smart choices that keep you methodically moving forward while remaining calm and composed, even under the intense pressure of today’s modern workplace.

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Don’t leave your career to chance. Your professional contacts are the most powerful tools at your disposal, but networks don’t create themselves. They take thoughtful, strategic effort to build, nurture, and leverage. But here’s the good news: It’s a skill anyone can learn. In this webinar, two master networkers (Joan Burge, CEO of Office Dynamics, and Jasmine Freeman, Vice President) will share their secret sauce and help you solve those “mysteries of mingling” once and for all.

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