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Joan Burge Administrative Coach and Trainer

Joan Burge

Founder & CEO of Office Dynamics International | Speaker | Author | Trainer | Coach

7 Sure-Fire Tips for Assistants Who Want To Be More Assertive

There’s a common mindset that too many administrative professionals fall victim to: It’s the one that tells us to stay quiet, don’t be pushy, always say “yes” because “no” isn’t allowed. We’re trained to support others and, all too often, that means we fail to support ourselves.

On the other hand, some assistants take it to the other extreme. They try too hard to assert themselves and become aggressive. They end up stepping on toes, harming their professional reputation and even their career.

Being an assertive assistant requires a delicate balance of skills. Joan Burge, founder and CEO of Office Dynamics, has mastered the techniques through years of practice and real-world experience, and she’s sharing her wisdom with you. In this educational one-hour webinar, you’ll gain the confidence and know-how required to speak up and stand out. You’ll never again feel like a doormat, and you’ll no longer worry about going too far. You’ll find that perfect place of power—where you’re able to support the needs of your executive without sacrificing yourself in the process.

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