Online Courses For Administrative Assistants

“You will not only learn but will be inspired and motivated to make real change at work and in your personal life.” We know your time is precious and limited. Between juggling priorities at work and home, you need information that is quick, easy, and straight-forward. You also need it to be relevant to your career as an assistant. Joan Burge’s style is just that. She delivers in an energetic and enthusiastic fashion. We also showcase several of the gifted subject matter experts who presented at the Joan Burge Event of Distinction, the Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.

Benefits of Online Training For Administrative Professionals

  • View great speakers at your convenience, 24/7. Subject matter experts are at your fingertips with the click of a mouse.
  • Learn by yourself or with a group—the choice is yours.
  • Increase your knowledge in one day or over several months.
  • Watch as many sessions as you want.
  • See your favorite speakers as often as you wish.
  • Affordable! Get more than 7 hours of rich content from the premier administrative conference.
  • Pause the presentation at any time.
  • View the sessions at home or at work—anywhere.

Office Dynamics International Online Training Courses

Managing Your Executive’s Day

Managing your executive’s day can be difficult. Do you find yourself running in circles around an executive who thinks outside the box, flows with the river and catches a curve? Does he ricochet around, fly by the seat of his pants or shoot from the hip? Does she make it happen by floating a raft of measures in spite of a show stopper?

It’s difficult to get work done while figuring out leaders. What are the best practices that executives want and need done? How can you ensure their day runs smoothly? What are the secrets to being an amazing assistant who “Wows!” executives?

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Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership

As a savvy assistant working in the modern business world moving at supersonic speed, you must learn how to lead yourself in order to be at the top of your game, remain on the cutting edge and be prepared for the future. You already take the lead in various aspects of your job. You are a leader of processes, information, people and priorities.

The greatest advancement you can make is learning to lead yourself in all aspects ranging from your attitude to career success, partnering with your executive, establishing your professional presence or brand, streamlining for efficiencies, and collaborating with your administrative peers. In this two-day robust, information-packed training workshop for executive and administrative assistants, you will become more focused, stronger, more resilient, more effective, and better prepared for anything that comes your way.

  • Enlarge your perception of your role.
  • Gain critical insights from experts in the administrative development world.
  • Useful strategies and tips that you can immediately apply at work.
  • Multiply your value in the workplace.
  • Harness your power in a positive fashion.
  • Learn steps for developing the “leader within.”
  • Live with intent and a sense of mission.
  • Accelerate mindset vs. skill set.

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 Conference On Demand


Collaborate, Create, Connect: Expand Your Influence

We’ve entered a new era in the workplace, where ideation is rewarded over mere production* and collaboration is the new norm. Office Dynamics International – always at the forefront of the Administrative Profession – brings you a conference theme like no other. Learn the winning competencies necessary in today’s hyper-sonic, hyper-connected world and you’ll substantively enhance your already-winning performance by far.

Break the Mold for . . .

• Yourself
• The Administrative Profession
• How executives and executive administrative professionals operate

“The corporate ladder is gone. Meet the capability portfolio. It’s about creating a rich portfolio of capabilities that will make you more valuable and capable.” (Success Magazine January 2014).

To cope with the rapid changes and challenges you face as an Administrative Professional, you need to add Collaboration, Creativity and Connectivity to your proficiency portfolio.

Collaboration is not the same as teamwork. Connectivity is not networking. And creativity does not only take place in the graphics department.
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BOLD & BALANCED. Your Career. Your Life.

While your administrative skills are critically important, there is much more to taking a holistic view to your profession and bringing your “A” game to work. Your ability to have impact and reach outrageous levels of success in your career can only occur when you have a 360° view of your life; when you give equal attention, over time, to the 5 Pillars of life: Career, Family, Financial, Spiritual and Wellness. When your 5 Pillars are intact, you are fulfilled, creative, energized, confident, strong and joyous.

Success at work and producing outstanding products (your assignments and projects) are achieved only by reframing your thinking to create a broader awareness. We provide insights into what sustainable excellence looks and feels like.
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Be BOLD! Master Leadership One Bold Step At A Time

Imagine what life would be like if you lived it boldly. Would you explore new vistas? Would clear purpose guide you? Would your own significance amaze you? The complexity of humans is astonishing: career, work, community, family, health, wellness, relationships, spirituality and vision. We juggle them continually, because when one area is weak, it flows over to other areas. Yet when we are strong, that spills over, too, bringing clarity, courage and strength. We become fearless.
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