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5 Ways To Thank Your Assistant

Did you know it’s Administrative Professionals Week? This happens to be one of my favorite weeks all year – and not just because I was once an assistant myself before I founded my company back in 1990.

I love celebrating this week because it gives me a chance to thank my own assistant for everything she does to help be even more successful. If it weren’t for administrative professionals, business would cease. Managers and executives could not be effective. In fact, if not for assistants, the entire economy would collapse. If you don’t agree, just think of what happens when your assistant is out, even for a day! Multiply that by more than 10 million assistants in North America alone and … well, you get my point!

Here are five great ways to thank those outstanding, indispensable administrative professionals who help us succeed each and every day!

  1. Support their professional development. For example, if there is a seminar or training session they can attend either on- or off-site, let them go! Sure, you’ll miss them for a few hours. But allowing them to observe the day through career development sends the message that you do appreciate their efforts and value the work they do.
  2. Give a meaningful gift. Note my intentional use of the word “meaningful.” Everyone gives flowers, coffee mugs, balloons or similar items. This year, why not invest in gifts that help advance assistants’ careers? There’s no shortage of books, CDs, DVDs and other career-enhancing tools out there, in a wide range of prices. Take your pick – and reinforce the respect you have for their career aspirations.
  3. Treat them to lunch. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on Administrative Professionals Day, April 25. Maybe you wait until a few weeks from now – whenever it is convenient for both of you! Be sure to use the time to get to know your assistant even better. Avoid talking about work. Make your assistant feel as special as he or she is.
  4. Give them special flex time. This depends, of course, on your employer’s policies and project deadlines. Still, if you can let your assistant leave a little early one day this week, it’s a nice way to say, “Thank you for the times you’ve stayed late to help me.”
  5. Offer a sincere thank you. Sometime, the most invaluable gifts we receive are heartfelt compliments. Whether you publicly praise assistants at a department meeting or personally look them in the eye and express your gratitude, the gesture is sure to be appreciated.

If you are an assistant, congratulations on your continuing success in this worthwhile and incredibly important career. This week, our hats are off to you!


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