6 Clear Steps to Resolving Team Problems

No team exists without some problems. No relationship exists without some problems, whether small or large. It is important to the team relationship not to let problems tear down the team and reduce the team’s effectiveness. Turn obstacles into opportunities for growth. Focus on possibilities. Put all your energy into finding solutions and work around the obstacles. Some ways to resolving team problems are:

  1. Have clear team goals. These can shift as the company, organization or department changes focus.
  2. Write an improvement plan. Be specific and review this from time to time. In fact, set a review date when you develop the plan.
  3. Clearly identify each person’s role. Roles sometimes change or expand with time or to meet organizational needs.
  4. Encourage each other. Start discussions, seek information, and make suggestions for reaching goals and resolving differences.
  5. Establish guidelines about processes. Determine who handles what part of the process.
  6. Be a catalyst for creating change and/or offering solutions and options.

“Administrative Assistants have the ability:

with the right support and guidance, this ability can flourish.”

What are your favorite methods to resolving team problems? Whether it’s with a large team or a partnership you have one-on-one with your executive – we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Joan Burge




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