A Career Portfolio Brings Value To Administrative Assistants

A stellar career portfolio captures your progressing skill levels, professional recognition, career enhancements, development activities, and impressive accomplishments. However, a common mistake many assistants make is believing that a career portfolio is only needed once in order to obtain employment or is compiled haphazardly once a year as a corporate requirement. To be very clear, a career portfolio’s primary purpose is NOT about job hunting, and I’m a firm believer that anything done haphazardly is not worth doing.

A notable professional portfolio that will serve you throughout your career should be carefully planned out and well-executed. It should impress executives and peers alike. It should be maintained and updated for as long as your career lasts. Why? Because whether you decide you want to move up in your chosen field, move out of your current profession, or stay where you are, a career portfolio will be an incredibly valuable asset. It’s worth doing because it’s simply not enough to tell people what you do and what you have accomplished. It’s not enough to give them a short resume. A career portfolio can efficiently demonstrate to leaders and peers alike that you are:

  1. Proactive.
  2. Career-focused and driven.
  3. Competent and capable.
  4. Creative.
  5. Always aiming for the stars.

An important objective of a career portfolio is to really set yourself apart. You need to demonstrate that you take your chosen career as an executive assistant seriously, that you know how to elevate your leader and company through proficient work, and that you always strive for greatness. That’s what a well-executed career portfolio can say for you, and why I believe you must have one. Are you sold but not quite sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Joan’s groundbreaking new eBook, Creating the Perfect Career Portfolio: An All-in-One Guide, will help you every step of the way. Click here learn more!



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