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Dave Burge sneaks in a blog post:

I am taking the opportunity to post this blog while Joan is on the road coming back from a client in Washington State.

First let me congratulate you on your special week and day. I am sure it is not said enough but “Thank You” for all your efforts and hard work in keeping America and the rest of the world organized and moving in the right direction; which brings me to the point of this blog.

Having been married to Joan for almost 33 years and seeing her develop her talents to promote this chosen career path, helping the Administrative Professional achieve recognition, goals, and a stature in the work place community I ask that you take a moment and reflect on what I am about to say.

You may not realize it but this profession has more to it than just being someone’s assistant. It prepares you for all the other things life deals out. You are a better daughter, son, spouse, life partner, soul mate, mother, father, friend, caregiver, cook, cleaner, driver just to name a few. Your passion, training, organizational skills, problem solving, and just plain fixing things, carries over from your career to the rest of your life every day. Just stop and think about all the fires you and you alone have put out both personally and professionally. Smile, you know I am right.

I know many of you have had the opportunity to meet Joan personally and know that her passion for you is deeply rooted and never ending. I too have had the pleasure of seeing this in Joan. Many of you know that I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a little over 2 years ago and have undergone 2 surgeries and chemotherapy since that time. Why do I mention this? Because she uses her years of learning and teaching to keep me, our kids, our grandchildren and her business on track. Every day she continues to be inspired by all of you. She tells me this daily.

Thank you for your noble work.



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