Boss’s Day Gift Idea

Boss’s Day Gift Idea

Do you struggle with gift ideas for your leader for Boss’s Day? Do you spend hours debating which gift to buy? Do you ever think, “What would my boss really appreciate from me?” When I worked in the administrative profession before starting my company, Office Dynamics, I used to have a hard time figuring out what to buy or do for my leader in honor of Boss’s Day. Sometimes I would spend hours fretting about what to get.

Bosses Day is Sunday, October 16, 2022. If you are looking for a long-lasting gift for your leader, I highly recommend buying Amazon’s #1 HOT New Release, The Executive’s Competitive Edge: Why You Need to Leverage the Talents and Time of an Executive Assistant.

Progressive managers and executives are hungry to learn. Most of them like practical, logical business information that is robust and filled with ideas they can immediately apply. High-level executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs like to learn from other prominent, knowledgeable executives. Because they are short on time, they want straightforward information and facts that back up strategy.

One area that executives struggle with in our “new” world of work is whether or not they should have an executive assistant. Executives are much more independent today and love technology. Many executives like responding to their own emails, scheduling their own meetings, and booking their own travel. They move rapidly, and anyone can access them at any time. The problem, though, is that many executives are doing tasks that eat into their precious time. When they do the tactical work, they are not focusing on the strategic work and thinking about how to impact the bottom line. Even executives who have an executive assistant don’t always leverage that executive assistant’s talents and time or know how to work with an assistant virtually.

In our conversational-style book, my co-author, James Bristow, and I openly and honestly:

  • Tell executives why they need an executive assistant and the significance of that role. We help executives see the bigger picture of the value an assistant brings, such as: being a sounding board, an accountability partner, and the calm in the storm. We remind executives that it is lonely at the top and that they need a confidante.
  • Teach executives how to leverage the talents and time of their executive assistant. Often when I work with leaders, they ask me what they should delegate to their assistant. Sometimes they aren’t certain what tasks to transfer or delegate to their executive assistant. Other executives don’t know what rock-star assistants are capable of doing.
  • Merge multi-generational best practices. With our 30-year age gap, James and I bridge generational gaps. James and I met several years ago at a CEO group we belonged to. While we are years apart, we firmly believe there is value in building a strategic partnership with our assistants. There are timeless principles that executives and assistants should still apply today. But they also must learn the new twists and how to think differently in a world that was impacted by a pandemic.
  • Explain why building a strategic partnership is vital to an executive’s success. An executive/assistant strategic partnership incorporates chemistry, shared values, and several other critical pairing aspects. At this level, the partners describe themselves in some of the following ways:
    • Two people who “click” despite their different views and opinions.
    • Together, they can tackle anything.
    • Each is a part of the other’s success.
    • If one becomes upset by something the other did, they can talk about it, settle it, and move beyond it as a team.
    • It is thinking of the next step before the work partner tells them.
    • Knowing the next question, the partner will ask before they ask it.
    • When the unexpected arises–the partners confer on it.
  • Inspire executives to invest in professional development for their executive assistant. Executive assistants should be learning in tandem with their executives. This is why I started a company dedicated to administrative assistants. It’s because when I was an executive assistant, I did not feel I was getting the same level of training as the people I supported.

In addition to the book, you might want to pair the book with a nice coffee mug, special teas, or a bottle of wine so your executive can enjoy their favorite beverage while reading the book. Include a nice note card saying what you appreciate about your boss and also invite them to meet with you after they read the book to discuss ways you two can build a stronger partnership.


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