Consider Yourself A Leader

This question is for you if you’re in an administrative role.

Do you consider yourself a leader?

Administrative professionals and executive assistants often see themselves in their support roles as being “non-leaders”.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth!

You may not be the CEO or VP of the company, but you are a leader.

Joan Burge, Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International recently shared her take on the administrative professionals role as leaders in Executive Secretary Magazine. Ultimately charging each of us to “own it” (our leadership capabilities) she gives several key questions to ask yourself to hone in on what areas of leadership are right for you. Burge also covers the benefits of choosing a path of leadership and the tangible “how to” steps to leading and lessons learned along the way. If you don’t already, you will be begin to consider yourself a leader. No matter what your role is.

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A professional is someone who cares about the results, not just the activity.
The only catch is that it takes a certain kind of person.
Michael Hammer, Author,
Reengineering the Corporation

Share below what it is that helps you consider yourself a leader?

Is it your confidence? Your power suit? Your red lipstick?


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