How is Drama in the Office Viewed by Managers and Senior Level Executives?

Reality Check

How is drama in the office viewed by managers and the senior level executives?

Hi! Joan Burge here, welcome to this weeks’ Reality Check. I hope you’re hanging in there and I hope you’re not offended by what I say because that’s not the motive of this video series. I’m sharing with you again the real questions and answers. It’s not sugar-coated. I hope you’re going to take this the way it was intended because it’s really here to help and educate you.

Today what I’d like to talk about is those assistants who won’t stop the drama. I’ve spoken to a lot of assistants who just want to know why the other assistant just won’t stop. I’m sure you know what that’s all about right? I don’t know where that comes from and basically, the drama is maybe there are two assistants working on the same project together and it’s a little more of a power struggle of who has the upper hand. Or maybe we have an assistant who works for the senior vice president and one who works for the vice president and one assistant feels they should have more say then the other. It could even be some of the little petty things that go on in an office that cause the drama and there is no real cause for it.

The point is, it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t sit well when there’s drama between two assistants. I’ve had executives, human resources managers, senior executives, and vice presidents who’ve talked to me behind the scene and have expressed to me what they see (because they do see it) and basically what they say is our assistants need to stop this and how they’ve never seen anything like this before.

So, if we want to elevate the administrative profession, if we want executives and people, in general, to take this profession seriously, then we have to stop with the drama. Put your best foot forward and show the quality that you can really bring to the table and how you can bring ‘win-win’ situations to you and your peers.

That’s it for today, thank you so much for watching this video! Watch more from this series here.

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