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Heather Asks:

Background: The majority of my career has been as an EA to a VP of Operations for a local Fortune 500 company. They “restructured” leaving my team with a job almost 2 yrs ago. I was lucky enough (or so I was lead to believe) that the role I was hired for almost 2 yrs ago was for a fast-growing local company that within the next 3-5 yrs will have a complete C Suite overhaul of new leaders due to retirements.

The c suite leader who hired me and I report to, I don’t do ANY work for. They hired a new VP to take the current CEO’s job in about 2 yrs. I do very minimal tasks for him as well and my role description consists of miscellaneous things from issuing credit cards for anyone to issuing cell phones to anyone to ordering catering for anyone in the building to filling the frig in the boardroom when it gets low. You get the point.

I’ve tried to talk to my leader but he isn’t interested at all and pushed it off as “it should I just remain with you since it always has been part of that role for the 60 yrs we’ve been in business”. The only c suite leader who understands the value an EA can bring is the new VP who is taking over for the CEO but he runs SO thin right now all he’s doing is putting out issues left and right and traveling constantly so I’m told by my leader that he “doesn’t have compacity for another associate” but yet I see him mentoring other front -line associates since I do sit right outside his office.

I don’t trust any of the leaders here, including the VP of HR since she “drinks the Kool-aid too” since she’s been here so long.

I don’t know where to turn to influence them to revamp my role to more closely align with my skills, talents, and experience while also convincing them that most of my current tasks belong with an office assistant or office manager type role.


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