Love What You Do

Last week Office Dynamics International turned 29! I can’t believe my company is 29 years old. It has not been an easy journey, especially since I started a niche business of specialized training for administrative professionals of every title, age, and experience level. 29 years ago, there was no robust training for assistants.

I am very blessed to be doing work I love with people I care about. Assistants are near and dear to my heart. Helping assistants improve the quality of their work life (and personal) is always at the forefront of my work. Over these 29 years, I have met tens of thousands of administrative professionals.

What I love more than anything is being in a classroom with assistants. This is the place where I can really make a difference. That is why I have always emphasized onsite training. However, I realized that many assistants were missing out on my guidance and experience because their companies would not bring me in or they would not be permitted to travel to Las Vegas for our Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.

In 2018, we started taking our World Class Assistant™ certification and designation course out to different cities. I also realized that I could not be everywhere to teach these classes and reach others so, I enlisted Julie Reed as an ODI Elite Trainer because I knew Julie cared as much about the profession as I did. And I guess what really matters most is that my 49 years of experience will not go to my grave with me when that day comes. Holding on to what I know just because I physically can’t be everywhere does the world no good.

And so, it is with that thought that I am proud to be holding our World Class Assistant™ course in other cities and want to expand our reach in 2020.

When you love what you do, it isn’t work. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have bad days and tough seasons, but you are willing to tough it out because, deep down, you love your work and how it helps others.

I know there are many assistants in this world who are in this profession because they want to support and serve others; their greatest joy comes from being of help. Thanks to all of you for being there so I can do what I love most—helping you!



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Assistants Learning in a Modern World

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Assistants Learning in a Modern World

January 27, 2021 | 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. PT