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I have always been a “career-minded” woman since I was a little girl. When I was about 10 or 11, I went from house to house in our neighborhood selling my Mom’s used magazines. When I got a little older, I went to work at my uncle’s beauty salons in Cleveland, OH. I was responsible for collecting money from the customers and straightening the product shelves. After doing that for a few years, I worked at Franklin Ice Cream store, which I loved because I could eat all the ice cream I wanted. And then in my later teens, I worked at a women’s clothing store.

After I graduated high school, I went right to work in an office. I started out as a Receptionist and worked my way up the administrative ranks for 20 years following. The only break I took was when my daughter and son were born. After my daughter was born, I thought I wanted to stay at home, which I did for three months. I realized staying at home was not for me—I needed to be in the workplace. And I haven’t stopped since other than vacations and family emergencies.

I always saw myself as having a career, not a job. It was my dream to quickly move up in the administrative arena and work for top executives as soon as possible. I achieved that by the time I was 25.

Since 1990, I have had a wonderful career in training, writing, coaching and professional speaking. While I don’t love every aspect of running a company, I absolutely love my career in helping administrative professionals and their executives improve the quality of their work life.

There is a big difference between a job and a career. There was a great piece published several years ago by Matthew Bender Times called Career Planning: Myths and Realities. As you read them, check your own thinking.

Myth: Career satisfaction depends on finding the perfect job.
Reality: There’s no such thing; some jobs are more fitted to your personality than others, but all jobs involve some degree of compromise and trade-off.

Myth: Getting ahead is the result of hard work.
Reality: That’s just the beginning. You also have to get people to notice your performance, position yourself carefully, and show team spirit.

Myth: It’s the employer’s responsibility to provide fulfilling work and the chance to grow.
Reality: It’s up to you to seek out challenges and to take charge of your career direction.

Myth: If I just get that degree, promotion and raises are mine.
Reality: Degrees don’t ensure success; they just improve your chances. More important than diplomas are performance and reputation.

Myth: Career success invariably means moving up the corporate ladder.
Reality: It can mean moving sideways to a position that’s closer to your own interest and skills.

Myth: Career planning and change are only for the young.
Reality: Career planning is a lifelong process, especially now when the typical person can expect to labor in three to five different fields over the length of his or her career.

I share the above information with you so you can see that if you want to have a fulfilling career, you have to be involved! It doesn’t just happen to you. In a career, you analyze your options, make decisions, continually learn and grow, and take risks. A career is far more rewarding than just having a job.

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