Monday Motivator: Give & Take

This month Monday Motivators™ are focusing on the Family Pillar of Live a BIG Life®. Even though we are talking about family, you can still apply these messages to your family at work. Family turmoil can be a touchy subject; I ask you to approach this week’s message with an open mind and heart.

Picture this. Family is like theater or a movie where each family member plays a different character or role. There are different scenes and some with lots of love, adventure, enjoyment, and others with lots of drama!

Each family member is a unique character in this drama called LIFE.

Each character (family member) is different in how we approach life philosophies, career aspirations, or how they approach problems. The dynamics within a family can be very rich and diverse. I have three sisters and we’re all different! It’s pretty great that we all play these different characters and bring diversity to the world and to our workplaces. The problem is that with all of these different perspectives and philosophies it can also create turmoil and drama when we don’t see eye-to-eye.

Accept differences.  Appreciate the differences in each other. Embrace differences. Each of us has a role to play and something to offer. Look for the good in your family members and what you can learn from each other. Differences don’t have to lead to disagreement. They can lead to discussion and understanding of different perspectives.

Learn to compromise. Family life should not be a tug of war, fighting with one another that “my ideas, my lifestyle or my way of raising children is better than your way.” Compromise is very important when planning family events or celebrating holidays. It’s not so much what you are doing that is important. It’s important that you are together, sharing your time, attention, and love. Compromise for those you care about and enjoy each other. This gives you the opportunity to grow and enrich your BIG life.

Forgive each other. Carrying around anger, hurt and other negative feelings toward others aren’t hurting or harming their life – it’s hurting and harming your life. Studies show that people who forgive are happier and healthier than those who hold resentments. Forgiveness is letting go and moving forward. Let yourself heal and feel good about your BIG Life.


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