Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership

An administrative online course that gets to the core of work/life integration and teaches you how to lead yourself in the supersonic business world!

What if you could become more

prepared for anything that comes your way?
of a strategic partner to your leader?

What if you could feel

prepared for anything that comes your way?
of a strategic partner to your leader?

It would be great, wouldn’t it? You would be at the top of your game, remain on the cutting edge, be prepared for the future, and become a valuable asset to your executive.

Administrative experts, Joan Burge and Jasmine Freeman show you exactly how to take the lead. In this 5 ½ hour live recorded workshop online video series, you gain exactly the tools you need to lead yourself in every dimension of your work and personal life and integrate the two.

Attendees of the live workshops said the following:

“Covered in detail so many aspects of a solid strategic administrative professional that you could apply immediately in your organization.”

“Packed full of life-changing information that will impact not only your career but all aspects of your life.”

“Loaded with excellent tips to help improve the work of administrative assistants.”

“Learned new ways and ideas to self-improve in many areas!”

“Redirects your focus on why you do what you do.” “Wakes up that inner self that has been operating on autopilot.”

Self-Leadership is for Every Assistant

Regardless of your administrative title, if you are someone who wants to be more and do more, this program is for you. If you are someone who wants to feel more in control at work and at home, this program is for you. When you self-lead, you actually lead others—you become a role model.

Here’s What You Get:

9 Live-Event Video Training Sessions

Session 1: Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership

Apply acceptance when things aren’t moving as quickly as you would like.
Develop staying power when the going gets tough.
Make the right choice at work, which may not always be the most popular.

Session 2: Self-Management vs. Stress Management and Juggling Work, Home and Your Personal Life

Learn the top 9 physical stressors for administrative professionals.
Explore best practices to manage your thoughts so stress is countered productively and effectively.
Shift your perspective on juggling work, home, and your personal life.

Session 3: Leading Boldly . . . Shining Brightly—Mind-Set vs. Skill Set

13 ways you can lead boldly.
Learn the Power of One.
Maintain calm during stormy times at the office.

Session 4: Creating Transformative Strategic Partnerships with Your Leader

Learn the difference between teamwork and strategically partnering with your executive.
Be more involved in decision making.
Maintain information flow to your business partner.

Session 5: BIG and Bold Principles

Learn to live a BIG life vs. a busy life.
Make time for yourself without GUILT.
Be confident and speak out for what you believe in.

Session 6: Creating a Career Portfolio and Demonstrating Your Worth

Learn how to establish your worth in the workplace.
Discover new ways to promote your valuable skills and build alliances.
Show your leader your proactive and creative capabilities!

Session 7: Your Professional Trademark for Business Success

Refine your overall professional image as a leader.
Learn which visual distractions hold enormous negative power.
Explore how to create a signature trademark that connotes sound judgment and high-quality service.

Session 8: From Chaos to Control

Prevent technology from dominating your life.
Leverage the ability to FOCUS.
Harness the explosion of data.

Session 9: Peer Synergy: Working in Unity with Your Administrative Peers

Find strength in community.
Prepare for tomorrow by collaborating with administrative peers.
Build stronger career relationships and internal networks.

PLUS Professional Development Plan

Sign up NOW and you’ll also get immediate access to the following:

BONUS #1: Comprehensive Business Travel Checklist (14-page e-book; vital resource for assistants, business travelers and planners)

  • Be a hero—ease your executive’s travel woes.
  • Learn the little things that are important to the traveling executive—such as having single dollar bills for tip money.
  • Must-have checklists to ensure quality and reduce stress.

BONUS #2: Star Savers™—More Than 100 Tips on How to Be a Star in the Administrative Profession (25-page e-book)

  • Learn how to leverage criticism, deal with difficult people, create a star partnership, let off steam, and go from chaos to control in one or two-sentence bullet points.
  • Share Star Savers™ with co-workers, use as discussion points in mini-training sessions, or for self-development.
  • Layer this extra level of knowledge to achieve administrative excellence.

BONUS #3: Success Is 90% Attitude (MP3 download)

  • Learn how to confront and manage attitudes in the face of challenging people and situations.
  • Find out why “motivation is an inside job” – and how to switch from negative to positive thinking patterns.
  • Use attitude-improving techniques to reduce mistakes, frustration, stress and costly rework.

“Mastering others is strength; mastering oneself is true power” - Lao Tsu

Don't Pass This Up!

Corporate Clients: If you are interested in hosting this program as a live two-day workshop at your place of business (having multiple employees attend the program together), please call 800-STAR-139

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