Online learning description for 2012 Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence

2012 Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence: Be BOLD

Mastering Exceptional Leadership One Bold Step at a Time

Imagine what life would be like if you lived it boldly. Would you explore new vistas? Would clear purpose guide you? Would your own significance amaze you? The complexity of humans is astonishing: career, work, community, family, health, wellness, relationships, spirituality and vision. We juggle them continually, because when one area is weak, it flows over to other areas. Yet when we are strong, that spills over, too, bringing clarity, courage and strength. We become fearless.

We become BOLD.
When you feel like your personal life is “in order,” you are a better administrative professional. When you feel like you had a productive day at the office, it flows over to your home life and personal relationships. The extent to which you are healthy and care about wellness is the extent to which you will have more energy at work.

Our lives are richly textured when all the pieces of life are woven together. What degree of richness might emerge if you boldly wove exceptional leadership characteristics into the areas of life that concern you most?

The most important person you can lead is yourself. Interestingly, when you lead yourself in the 5 Pillars of Life (Career, Family, Financial, Spiritual and Wellness), you have a ripple effect on others and the world.

Career: Imagine if you move through your work day with a positive attitude and “can-do spirit”, even when you are having a tough day. Co-workers, executives and visitors will notice.

Family: Family includes best friends and pets. If you nurture family time, extended family members will follow. Your friends will notice the bond you have with each other and will want that connection for their family.

Financial: If you pay off debt, save for your future, and manage your money, your life will be less frazzled. You will be able to ride the wave of economic changes.

Spiritual: If you lead yourself spiritually—meaning you lead with your inner source—the real you, you will be more fulfilled. This energizes you and others will notice.

Wellness: If you ride a bike, walk, or jog in your neighborhood on a regular basis, your neighbors will see you and some will be inspired to do the same. You will bring vitality to work and home.

You will learn:

  • Break through the fear barrier to be BOLD.
  • Demonstrate exceptional value during downturns and tough times.
  • Create healthy boundaries with co-workers and managers.
  • Be solution-oriented even when it seems like everything is working against you.
  • Be influential, persuasive and confident.
  • Maintain constancy when those around you are not!
  • Handle various temperaments at work.
  • Develop the leader within you.
  • Build your integrity bridge.
  • Focus on influence, not position.
  • Obtain “star” power in your administrative role through the WOW! factor of communication.
  • Get successful outcomes in your day-to-day interactions.
  • Creating a strategic partnership with your executive.

View top speakers and world-renowned administrative expert, Joan Burge! You will be able to view 10 videos any time you choose and as many times as you like until sessions expire (all sessions below expire December 31, 2015). REGISTER TODAY!

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