Star Achievement Series

The Star Achievement Series® – Second Generation is a revolutionary training program tailored for modern administrative professionals. Combining foundational knowledge with fresh insights, it equips participants with skills to excel in today’s dynamic work environments. Unlock your potential and transform from a regular assistant to one exuding executive presence.


Star Achievement Series® – Second Generation Course Overview:


The Star Achievement Series® – Second Generation, a revolutionary upgrade from its acclaimed predecessor, is designed specifically for the modern-day administrative professional. With a rich history of successfully training professionals over the past 32 years, this reimagined course captures the spirit of the original while addressing the ever-evolving challenges of the new work era.

What’s New:

Deep Dive Approach: This version dives deeper into pivotal topics, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the issues assistants face today.
Fresh Workbook Content: Topics range from managing in uncertain times, the interplay of soft and technical skills, to embracing a virtual work world, and more.
Focused Learning Activities: Designed to engage, these activities offer a fresh and dynamic approach to grasping new skills.
Contemporary Styling: This ensures an effortless engagement with the material, maximizing learning outcomes.

Course Highlights:

Timeless Knowledge: Incorporates foundational teachings from the original series, supplemented with cutting-edge insights.
Competence Development: Assists in transforming latent talent into tangible expertise, allowing a shift from routine tasks to high-impact roles.
Broad Spectrum Training: Equips learners for diverse work settings – whether in-office, remote, or hybrid.

Curriculum Breakdown:

Two Levels with Eight Modules in Total

LEVEL I – Building Foundations

Be A Star Achiever™ – Focus on Attitude: Nurturing the right mindset for success.
Star-Achieving Techniques™ – Focus on Skill: Mastering techniques that set stars apart.
Building A Star Partnership™ – Focus on Teamwork: Cultivating synergistic professional relationships.
Reaching Stardom™ – Focus on Strategy: Strategic steps to ascend in your career.

LEVEL II – Advanced Mastery

Be A Shining Star™ – Focus on Attitude: Fine-tuning mindset for advanced challenges.
Give A Stellar Performance™– Focus on Skill: Enhancing skill sets for superior results.
Stellar Collaborator™ – Focus on Teamwork: Collaborating effectively in complex scenarios.
Future-Focused Star Performer™ – Focus on Strategy: Preparing for the evolving future of work.

The Magic Formula:

At the heart of the Star Achievement program lies a four-pronged approach:

Attitude: Cultivating positivity towards your environment and self.
Skill: Continuous skill development and refinement.
Teamwork: Contributing constructively to various team dynamics.
Strategy: Goal-setting and nurturing valuable professional relationships.

The Ultimate Goal:

Every administrative professional has the potential to stand out, exuding confidence and leaving an indelible mark. The Star Achievement Series® is your ticket to unlocking this potential, guiding you on a transformative journey from being a regular assistant to one who embodies executive presence.

Join us in this comprehensive journey, and let’s redefine the boundaries of what administrative professionals can achieve!

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