Star Achievement Series Trainer Kit

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Star Achievement Series Off-The-Shelf Training Kit

Training kit for administrative professionals

Bring the Star Achievement Series to Your Organization

For the past 25 years, the Star Achievement Series® has set the industry standard for administrative training. A staple at some of the world’s most well-respected organizations (including many Fortune 500 companies), this program is known for its groundbreaking approach, comprehensive curriculum, and enduring relevance in the ever-evolving business world. Updated 16 times by Joan Burge, CEO of Office Dynamics and creator of the program, Star Achievement has gained international acclaim as THE resource for administrative and executive assistant training and development.

Lead the way

The Star Achievement Series® Trainer Kit offers everything you need to successfully guide 15 participants through our Level I program. From pre-class assessments to marketing materials and facilitator notes, you’ll be perfectly positioned to host this life- and career- changing program onsite at your company.

We like to say, “This is the next best thing to Joan Burge herself!”

While Joan would love to bring the Star Achievement Series® to your organization herself, it isn’t always feasible. We know that with travel, scheduling, and budget constraints, too many companies that want and need this training have been struggling to re-invent the wheel. They invest time, money and energy only to create programs that fall flat and leave attendees wanting more.

The Star Achievement Series® is a time-tested program that has established itself over the course of decades. The Trainer Kit allows a top administrative performer (like you!) or someone from your Training Department at your organization to use its proven success formula at a fraction of the cost required to bring Joan onsite.

Program validated by 800+ executives. Don’t take our word for it. The Star Achievement Series® has been validated by more than 800 executives who have witnessed behavior changes in their administrative partner who attended Level I and Level II Star Achievement Series® classes.


Every Trainer Kit comes with materials for 15 attendees to attend all 4 classes of the Star Achievement Series® Level I program. (See curriculum outline.)


Participant Workbooks (15 for each of the 4 classes = 60 total)

Each class uses a comprehensive, professionally designed workbook to guide participants through the stages of learning. Participants are encouraged to keep and reference them for years to come.  One set of participant workbooks is included for the trainer.

The participant workbooks offer interim and post-class reinforcement assignments and resources to help participants continue their learning outside of the classroom. Links and QR codes make accessing the information quick and easy.

BONUS: We have provided a web site Companion Page for each Star Achievement Series® workbook. The Companion Pages list the resources mentioned throughout a workbook in one place so you can immediately link to the referenced materials.

Comprehensive Instructor Guide (for all 4 classes)

This guide is your step-by-step playbook, providing everything you need to successfully lead all 4 Level I courses including:

  • Scripts for introducing chapters and topics
  • Transitional phrases to seamlessly move from one topic to the next
  • Learning objectives to help establish classroom expectations
  • Materials needed for each class segment
  • Instructions for classroom activities
  • List of training props and aids, as well as supplier contact information
  • Pre-class preparation checklist and training room set up instructions so you’ll hit the ground running
  • Agenda with detailed class timeline
  • Hints and tips for conducting an engaging, educational session direct from Joan Burge (including her best secrets for keeping participants motivated…even at 3 p.m.!)
  • Special comments and notes to the trainer from Joan Burge

PowerPoint Slides (one set for each of the 4 classes)

Slides are optional and can be used to help engage visual learners, stimulate discussion and keep you on track.

Ongoing Support from Office Dynamics

A phenomenal value to your organization and Star Achievement trainer are the following:

  • Access to Joan Burge, creator and Master Trainer of the Star Achievement Series® throughout the year (within reasonable limitation)
  • Updated Instructor Guide pages and information, as available
  • Updated or enhanced PowerPoint slides, as available
  • Additional information regarding resources pertinent to the Star Achievement Series® curriculum

Digital Masters of Training Props

These professionally designed materials are unique to the Star Achievement Series® and used to help participants interact in small groups or deepen their learning individually throughout the classes.

Become an Inner Circle Assistant, by Joan Burge (1 copy)

Joan’s groundbreaking book provides inspiration and a contextual framework for Star Achievement trainers.

Executives and Assistants Working in Partnership: The Definitive Guide (1 copy)

This new tool is designed to support the relationship between executives and assistants by providing a structured path for managing both the people and the processes involved. This is an excellent “add-on” to the Building a Star Partnership in the Star Achievement Level I Course. Your company may want to order additional copies.

Access to the Star Achievement Video Library

These videos feature Joan Burge personally welcoming participants and introducing the Star Achievement philosophy. For classroom use, the videos will provide encouraging messages to keep participants motivated. As the course concludes, Joan will offer a special congratulatory video message as graduates prepare to celebrate.

Star Achievement Series® Official Certifications of Completion (15 copies)

Each fill-in-the-blank certificate allows the trainer to customize it with participant names and dates of completion. This adds a final sense of triumph for Level I graduates and provides them with a professional document for their achievement. Printed on high-quality stock paper, this Official Certificate will affirm the graduate’s hard work.

Order Forms (for future workbook needs)

Should you choose to offer future Level I classes beyond your first group, additional workbooks are available for purchase. Just place your order directly with Office Dynamics and we’ll take care of the rest.

Promotional Materials

Get the administrative professionals at your organization excited about the opportunity to become a Star performer! We’ll give you everything you need to promote the program as a whole, as well as the 4 individual courses. This includes curriculum outlines, module overviews, and learning outcomes.

Rollout Kit

These materials help announce Star to leaders and others within the organization. Get them excited and gain their support with these promotional items:

  • Star Achievement Series® announcement letter to executives and managers
  • Star Achievement Series® announcement letter for your administrative community
  • Manager Orientation handout includes tips on how managers and executives can support their administrative partner during the Star Achievement training
  • Professionally designed flyer to market the program throughout the company
  • Digital artwork to print professional Star Achievement philosophy posters for outside or inside the classroom
  • Digital artwork for a professional-looking Classroom Ground Rules poster
  • Digital artwork of the Star Achievement logo to add to in-house course materials for consistent branding
  • Administrative Competency Assessment (to be completed by the executive or manager prior to sending their administrator to classes). This can also be used for post-class assessment and evaluation.
  • One page flyer for participants with tips on how to get the most out of their Star Achievement training
  • Welcome letter to participants from Joan Burge, founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International; Creator and Master Trainer of the Star Achievement Series®

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With the Star Achievement Series® Trainer Kit, your company can experience all the benefits of the program at significantly reduced costs.

  • No more guesswork! Stop taking chances with educational vendors, public speakers and trainers who have minimal experience with the administrative audience. Joan Burge is the foremost administrative expert and creator of the Star Achievement Series®, the globally recognized gold standard for training in this arena.
  • No more wasted time and money! Stop spending months (or even years!) creating your own training materials in-house. This program is proven and time-tested. Thousands of top administrative professionals have already experienced its power—don’t re-create the wheel. We’ve already perfected it.
  • No more irrelevant training! Stop trying to adapt management programs and other generic training courses to meet the needs of your administrative staff. They have a unique set of competencies to hone and this program is specifically tailored to this challenging role.
  • No more disappointed attendees! With the Star Achievement Series®, your administrative staff will leave training feeling motivated, engaged and ready to take action on what they’ve just learned.


The Star Achievement Series® training program is appropriate for all levels of administrative assistants, office administrators, executive assistants, senior-level assistants, office managers, secretaries and support staff.

Ready to lead the way to administrative excellence in your organization?

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