Strength in Unity

Last week I was fortunate to spend almost 3 days with 16 amazing women when I was conducting my World Class Assistant™ program. They all flew into Las Vegas and this was their Part 2 session. Not all of the attendees had attended Part 1 together but it seemed like they had known each other forever. The dynamics in the room were fantastic and off-the-chart ideas were flowing. The women were from different parts of the United States and 4 were from Canada! Ages ranged from Generation Y to the baby boomers with a variety of industries and cultures.

It just proves that we all don’t have to think or be alike to have a great time, learn, accomplish goals, and get the project done. In fact, one of the topics we discuss is strength in unity and appreciating differences. It is much harder to be successful and accomplish your goals in the workplace when you are working as one. I know many of you team with others but to what extent do you open your circle? Are you always going to lunch with the same people? Do you tend to only connect with those who think just like you? It is great to work with people who are just like us and hold the same values. Yet we need a broad and diverse circle to truly become all we were meant to be–to finish a project sooner, develop a more creative approach to business or processes, and impact the bottom line.

A student in one of my classes said when you work with different personalities and skill sets, it creates the “perfect storm.” You should seek this out, not wait until it is forced upon you.

How to Promote Teamwork:

  • Put the company first. Let co-workers know that your concern is for the success of the company. (Which, by the way, ultimately affects you and every employee.)
  • Share your ideas. Make suggestions whenever appropriate.
  • Welcome input from others. Respect the ideas of others.
  • Ask for help. If someone in the office is an expert in an area, ask for his or her advice.
  • Trust your colleagues. Have faith in each person’s ability. Instead of worrying about what’s happening in the next cubicle, concentrate on giving your all to your assignments.

Overcoming Personality Conflicts:

  • You don’t have to be best friends to work together. You don’t have to socialize to have a perfectly productive working relationship.
  • No one is perfect (including you and me). Remind everyone that all members deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect–despite personality differences.
  • Accept, even encourage, differing opinions.
  • Effective teamwork takes planning. Work with members to set clear-cut goals.
  • Measure progress. This will inspire everyone to continue working together.

Have a great week and meet some new people!



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